Sunday, May 29, 2011


I think everyone have wanted to go back to the past once. It might be regret for our choice or attitude at that time. And we sometimes imagine that the fact might change if the accident or event didn't happen. 

I watch a TV drama every Sunday now. The title is "JIN". The story is originally manga. I didn't know it before I watch the drama. But the drama was so popular two years ago in Japan. The series this year is second. A brain surgery goes back to the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate (Bakumatsu 幕末). JIN is his name. The story is fiction, however, some historical persons appear in the drama. Ryoma Sakamoto, who is popular among us, is one of them. 

It is interesting and the scenes of operation in this drama seems to be real. The actor of protagonist, Takao Osawa is popular among Japanese women and the actress of heroine, Haruka Ayase is cute and remarkable.

I read news that this drama will be on air in 80 other countries. You might be able to enjoy it in your country. Also I think that it is better to watch after knowing the history of Bakumatsu.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soyokaze 微風

Today is sunny day. May in Japan is so calm and fresh. We cam feel lively breeze. So I love this period. However, this fresh season is very short every year. June in Japan is so humid and uncomfortable. Rainy season will come soon.  

Soyokaze 微風 in Japanese means breeze. I like this sound. And I like to watch flowers or green leaves are trembling by soyokaze. Also it is so nice that clothes after washing are shaking under the sun. I feel happy.

I remembered about wind. I watched a documentary in TV about Hayao Miyazaki's work. He said wind or breeze was so effective item and a key of story in his film. For example, when a character makes a serious decision, it winds definitely. Certainly when something happens or change in our daily life, we might feel wind or breeze.

I wish soyokaze brings to happier things and hope in our future.        

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Healing Voice

Beautiful voice and sound often can heal and encourage us. The feeling depends on each person. I think everyone have some favorite voices. 

In my case I love voice of a vocalist of Spitz, is very famous rock band. There are my favorite songs of them, however, I especially love their song "Kaede" 楓. It is sad love song. Kaede means maple tree in Japanese. I think his voice is soft and has special wavelength. I am always fasinated by it and feel confortable. His voice is just my healing voice.

Monday, May 16, 2011

手をつなごう Hand in Hand

I often hear some songs to encourage people or for hope after March 11th. We might want to feel Kizuna (bond) of people and hope brighter future. 

I heard a song in radio yesterday. "手をつなごう" te o tsunagou (hand in hand) is a song for bond.of people. 

I recognize that everyone can't live and do nothing without other people. Compassion and imagination is necessary for us. 

I especially realize that our history is changing this year. We need to join hands and help each other. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What is Convenience ?

I read a topic in today's newspaper. Prime minister, Naoto Kan requested Chubu power company to stop all power plants in Hamaoka, Shizuoka prefecture.

Our life have changed after this earthquake. I can say that our consciousness for our convenient life has changed. Actually when we knew that electricity might stop, we were confused and in a kind of panic. We bought up a lot of things in supermarket. The atmosphere was so strange. We recognized a fear of radioactivity. However, everyone got calm, stopped a corner and try to save electricity. It is same thing that our life gets inconvenient. Convenient was normal for us. 

Illumination in Town, all of public space or buildings get darker. Some escalators and elevators in stations, office or supermarket stop. We put out a useless light at home or in office. I have to go up and down the steps to seventh floor in my office. At first, I was tired and got out of breath especially in the morning. However I think it is good for my body.  We might forget a simple thing under the convenience. It is a walk, run, exercise and use our body.

Inconvenience was negative word until now. However, I think it will get positive word and usual for us in future. It might be time that we have to change our sense of value for our life style.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding

We, live in Tokyo spend calm day. Supply of foods, mineral water or other things reverts to normal. Small earthquakes sometimes happen. I felt small shake at home just now. However a lot of victims who lost their home or can't live at their home stay in places of refuge now.

There was one joyful topic for us. Royal wedding in England was on air and we blessed young prince and princess in flont of TV. New princess, Princess Catherine is so beautiful and I'm glad to see Prince William's smile in wedding ceremony. His smile reminds me very much of his mother, Princess Diana.
Japanese people loved her. She has visited two times in Japan and we welcomed her very much. Her bashful smile was so cute.

I hope Princess Williams and Princess Catherine are happy forever. They come to Japan after recovery of this earthquake and we want them to see our beautiful country and feel our culture. We will heartily welcome them.