Monday, September 20, 2010

Sanma (さんま・秋刀魚)

It becomes recently cooler in morning and night. Wind is different from summer one. I can feel the beginning of autumn.

We feel change of season for food. Sanma is pacific saury (mackerel pike) and typical fish in autumn for Japanese. The shape of sanma is thin and like a sword. In Japanese character "Kanji" 漢字 , we write as 秋刀魚.   *秋 (autumn) 刀 (sword) 魚 (fish)

We like salted and grilled sanma. We will eat definitely grilled sanma once in autumn. When we grill it, smoke and smell are appetizing. The gut of sanma is very bitter, however, the bitterness is tasty for people who love grilled sanma. I can eat it, but I don't like so much. Since price of sanma is reasonable and cook easily, everyone can enjoy eating many times. The catch of sanma decreases this year as a recent news report. The price will be expensive.

Food is very necessary to find new season for us. There are a lot of delicious autumn foods in Japan.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Toilet" & "Colorful"

I want to introduce two Japanese films. One is "Toilet" and another is "Colorful". Both of them is a story about family and family ties.

I saw a Japanese film "Toilet" today. This is a film that a director "Naoko Ogigame" made recently. I like her movies. "Toilet" is a story of a three siblings and Japanese grandmother, "Baachan". Baachan ばあちゃん means grandmother in Japanese. Three siblings are Americans whose mother is Japanese woman. Baachan can't speak English, however, they live with her after their mother was dead. Older brother is Hikikomori. Hikikomori means person who lives at home whole a day, he can't establish relations with other people and can't go out. Younger brother is Otaku. Otaku means person who loves animation, comic books "Manga" or figures of animation's character. Situation of this film is very interesting and Toilet is a key of this film.
It is heart-warming story. Some classical musics in the film is so nice. If you are interested with Naoko Ogigami, I recommend to see "Kamome Shokudo."かもめ食堂” It is one of my favorite Japanese films.

I don't have a interest of animation film. However, "Colorful" is a animation film that I thought to want to see at theater. I have read the original novel of this film. I like it. It is not fantasy animation for kids. However, I think it is good for young people or adults who have some troubles with family to see. I like the image of this film. It is so exquisite.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Imabari Towel - Japan Brand

I love towel. I have a lot of my favorite towels. It has been hot in this summer. A small towel is essential for me in these day. I always bring small one when I go out to wipe my swear off.
There are towels that I love or not. Texture of towel is very important. I always use towel of my favorite texture.

I recently bought Imabari Towel. I have heard it is very soft and high quality towel. Imabari is one of city at Ehime prefecture in Shikoku and famous for place that manufacture towels. Imabari towels is that made in Imabari and a towel brand. I have wanted it. The texture is excellent!

I think that Japanese products or tools are so excellent and functional. We can be proud of craftsmanship.
I knew "Japan brand" project. Imabari towel is one of this project. There are many regional special products in Japan. The concept of this project is so nice that people who are interested in Japan or Japanese culture. This site is very interesting.