Saturday, January 21, 2012

女子会 Joshikai and 草食系男子 soushokukei

We recently say or hear the word, "joshikai" 女子会. This means to gather with only women and have a party, lunch or dinner. "joshi" 女子 means female and "danshi" 男子 means male.

Joshikai is very fun for women. We can talk anything without feeling constraint. We especially say the talk in Joshikai "Girl's talk". (Is there the word in English?) There are a lot of talks that can't talk in front of men, or boyfriend. And women love chat and eating. "Joshikai" is one of relaxing.         
Japanese women become more powerful than men. Nadeshiko Japan, women national football team, representative last year. Homare Sawa, the team captain of Nadeshiko and became popular, was awarded FIFA Women's World Player of the Year.
We are proud to hear this news. 

On the other hand, Japanese men, especially young boys tend to become passive and shy. Soushokukei danshi 草食系男子 is new Japanese word. Some young men don't use a lot of money. They don't want to buy car, go to a trip abroad, have a dinner at exclusive restaurant for a date with girlfriend.... Depression or social background might be one of reasons for these tendency. 
It was good thing that in case of a couple, a woman walk behind a man a few decades ago. It was said in Japan that woman must be reserved and obedient. However, the initiative for our relationship between men and women might be changed.

Anyway, Japanese women become cool and attractive now.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I watched two films this year. One is "Mission Impossible ghost protocol" and another is "Restless" by Gus Van Sant. Both was so interesting films. I like them.

My first films this year is Mission Impossible. Tom Cruise is very famous and popular in Japan, too and I watched  all of Mission Impossible series. He visited in Japan many times for promotion of his films. "Last Samurai" is one of my favorite films. I was excited about watching Mission Impossible.

I saw a trailer, "Restless" in Internet before several weeks and thought it seemed to be interesting. One of reason is that Japanese actor, Ryo Kase appears as important role in this film. He appears American film "Letters from Iwo Jima" and Japanese film "I Just Didn't Do It". それでもボクはやってない I introduced it in my blog and it was directed by Masayuki Suo of "Shall we dance?" Ryo Kase is good actor and I like his performance.
The story was very unique and interesting. Some Japanese history or culture expresses in this film. Some descriptions about Japan or Japanese culture in western films were sometimes strange and funny for Japanese. However, I thought the description in it wasn't exaggerated and true. I could enjoy it as a love story and life. I like some Gus Van Sant's films. I especially love "Good will hunting" and "Finding Forrester " 

I want to see a lot of films in this year.   

Sunday, January 8, 2012

初心忘るべからず (Remember Your Original Intention)

A Happy New Year ! あけましておめでとうございます

How did you spend at first day of 2012 ?

I am planing what is my aim in this year. It is my health. We can do anything if  we are healthy. What should we do to keep my good health

 1. Don't eat too much.  
 2. To have good posture.
 3. Get some exercise, walking, running, playing table tennis (this is a recent boom for me)....

As to No.2, I recently read a book that written by Japanese Noh player. I have seen a performance of noh once when I was a student. However, it is traditional performing art and we rarely see it in daily life. The motion and posture of Noh performance is good to health. Some noh players can play until old age. The secret of their health is the motion and posture. This book is useful for me.

A Japanese phrase is written in the book. It is 初心忘るべからず Shosin wasuru bekarazu. It is a phrase of Zeami 世阿弥 who was aesthetician for Noh. This original means "Remember your original intention." However, there are three meanings in it. I knew at first time.

I decided that it is my slogan in 2012. Don't be afraid my first challenge remembering my original intention.

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