Saturday, August 29, 2009


Tomorrow is the polling day of the House of Representatives. We have some political parties, however, one party, LDP (the Liberal Democratic Party) have almost held for a long time after World War 2. A poll has been always light and especially young people haven't been interested in politics.

We have a lot of social problems in Japan. Pension, employment, education, health insurance system, nursing care for old people, defence or diplomacy, etc. I think almost people want to change bad situation. So there is a forecast that another big party DPJ (the Democratic Party of Japan) won this election. It will probably won as my opinion. Because every people is disgusted and unsatisfied with present politics.

We are worry about our future. The provision for depression is big interest for us. I hope this election become one chance for our happier life.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Goldfish Scooping 金魚すくい

It has been so hot in recent days in Japan. A lot of people who live in Tokyo have their hometown. Last week is the period (Obon in August) for going back to their hometown to go to grave of their ancestor. (Yesterday, August 15 in Japan, is the memorial day of the end of World War 2.)
A lot of dance festivals (盆踊り) are held at night in Bon week. We enjoy some attractions in these festivals. Goldfish scooping is one of very interesting for us. Goldfish (金魚) is typical animal for summer and it makes us cool down our body a little bit. It is sometimes drawn as traditional design.

When I was a child, goldfish scooping was my favorite attraction in summer festival. Goldfishes that we catch swim in bag with water were so cute. This is my good memory for summer.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Breeze - Bossa Nova

I like Brazilian music. Antonio Calros Jovim, Ivan Lins, Caetano Veloso, Sergio Mendes, Calrinhos Brawn, Milton Nasciment etc.. They are my favorite artists. Bossa Nova is especially my favorite genre of music.

We can often hear Bossa Nova or other Brazilian music as background music at the restaurants or shops in hot summer season in Japan.

Risa Ono is Japanese female Bossa Nova singer and very popular in Japan. She is one of my favorite singers. Her voice is very soft. So Bossa Nova that she sings makes us comfortable like summer breeze She recently sings other type of songs that are arranged like Bossa Nova. These songs are very good, too.

Bossa nova is special remedy that let my body cool down.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Black Rain

Today, August 6 is memorial day of atomic bomb. Two Atomic bombs were dropped 64 years ago at Hiroshima and Nagasaki at August 9.

Almost Japanese students have visited Hiroshima in school excursion. I went to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in junior high school. I have heard a story for tragedy of victims (Hibakusha 被爆者) and seen horrible pictures. Everyone will think that all atomic bombs must be abandoned after visiting this museum.

Black rain (黒い雨) fell after dropping atomic bomb. It was rain of death. When I read a Japanese novel "Black Rain" , I knew the fact and it was shocking for me.
We should know that some survivors or descendants are tortured by the hangover even now .

I hope all countries have no atomic bombs.

Three nonnuclear principles of not making, possessing or bringing in nuclear weapons
非核三原則 (Hikaku sangensoku)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Judicial System (裁判員制度)

New judicial system begun. The first lay judge trial yesterday was a big news.

This system has been a recent topic in our daily life. How do I feel if I would selected as one of the judge ? Some simulated TV program were produced as drama and I have seen it. A lot of anxiety comes in my mind. I wondered if it is possible for us who don't learn the law specially to decide the defendant's life. Almost my friends said that they were reluctant to become a judge. And they feel anxious about it.
Also there are some daily problems. In case of a normal office worker, is it possible to rest for a few days ?
I haven't heard real trial until now. I have thought it was the world in films or TV. I or other people understand we must participate justice. However, I think that they, including me, just get confused about this new system at this point.

I have ever seen an old American movie, "12 Angry men" and I like it. It is important if we could decide fair judgement as a man in the movie.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dear Doctor and Amalfi

I recently saw two Japanese films. They are different types of films. So I'd like to introduce them.

"Dear Doctor" was directed by
Miwa Nisikawa. Now depopulation and lack of hospitals or doctors in rural area is social problem in Japan. And there is a great demand for doctors in these areas. This is a story of a middle-aged doctor and a young trainee of doctor comes from town in a small village. After disappearance of middle-aged doctor, some shocking facts come out.
People change their behavior or saying when they know the facts. It is interesting how people change. I can imagine that same situation like this film might happen in our daily life.
The protagonists are a famous comedian and comic storyteller, Tsurube Shoufukutei (middle aged doctor) and Eita, popular among young people now.
The story is very interesting and you can know about medical problems for us.

Italy is a country that is popular for us and many tourists visit every year. I also love Italian foods. There are a lot of Italian restaurants and shops of fashion brands in Tokyo.
The location of this film "Amalfi" is all Italian places in Xmas season. The leading part in it is a Japanese diplomat in Italy and he resolves a kidnap and terrorism in Italy. The protagonist is very popular and famous actor, Yuji Oda. He has been stared in some blockbusters. The story is very interesting as entertainment movie.
We can see some fascinate towns and beautiful piece of scenery in this film. They are one of attractions. I thought Amalfi coast is especially magnificent and beautiful. I have never been to Italy, however, it is a country that I want to visit.
Amalfi Trailer (last one is long version.)