Sunday, November 21, 2010

Koharu Biyori 小春日和 and Shita tsuzumi wo utsu 舌鼓をうつ

It gets colder and winter comes soon.  However, today is Koharu biyori. 小春日和 There are some words for weather or seasons. I like these Japanese words. Koharu biyori  means indian summer. Koharu hiyori is one of my favorite words for weather. I like the rhythm of Koharu biyori.
After cold weather continues, it sometimes gets warmer. When it is warm like today, koharu biyori, I feel happy. Sunshine is soft and calm. And no wind...   

I heard another good Japanese word that I like, "Shita tsuzumi wo utsu", last week on TV news.
U.S.President Obama came to Japan for APEC. He visited Kamakura. 鎌倉. Kamakura is one of very old cities in East area and many temples and shrines exist in. I like this place. Autumn in Kamakura is best season. President has visited there when he was a child with his mother. He has seen a big Daibutsu大仏 (a huge statue of Buddha) and eaten Maccha (powdered green tea) ice cream. The trip is good memory for him. 
So he revisited the temple and licked his lips over maccha ice cream. Shita tsuzumi wo utsu  舌鼓をうつ means lick one's lip. Shita 舌 means tongue and Tsuzumi 鼓 means Japanese traditional instrument. When we feel tasty, we lick our lips and feel happy. I was surprised that English and Japanese is similar expression.

Type of two words is different, however,  I feel happy when I hear both words. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Visit Japan Year 2010

Falling leaves are very beautiful in Japan now. Autumn is my favorite season.   

I found a web site for tourists who want to visit Japan. If you have a plan to visit, it must be useful.