Sunday, June 26, 2011


How do we explain slight difference or situation to other people in our conversation ?  I think Japanese often use onomatopoeia and it is easy for us to explain things, feeling, atmosphere or situation concretely.  Especially there are a lot of onomatopoeias of repeating one word twice. We can understand several shades of meaning more clearly. 

We can express actual sound by onomatopoeia.
 Pan Pan , Pata Pata : a pat or hitting something
 Don Don : beat a drum 
 Bun Bun : the sound that bees are humming 
 Gishi Gishi,  Mishi Mishi : the sound that something ginds   

For example, When we want to say softness of feather or cushions, we say  "it is so Fuwa Fuwa. ふわふわ. Or when we have dizziness, we say " my head gets Kura Kura くらくら, Gura Gura ぐらぐら, Fura Fura ふらふら." Impression of the situation changes by differences of initial letter. We imagine  "Kura Kura" and "Fura Fura" is slight dizziness but Gura Gura is heavy dizziness. We can express slight differences of dizziness

These words are a few of abundant onomatopoeia. Expression is different by each people, however, it is convenient to give many information and express various situations. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Makoto 誠 - Sincerity

There is a or some meaning for Chinese Character. 誠 (Makoto) means sincerity, honesty or seriousness. I like this character. I think shape is good. 

Now a book is sold well and reputable in Japan. Author is a football player, Makoto Hasebe  長谷部 誠 and he is a captain of national football team. Now he plays in VfL Wolfsburg of Germany. Football is more popular in Japan after 2010 FIFA World Cup and most of Japanese know about him. his sincere comment after national team was beaten by PK was impressive for me. 

I bought and read his book. He wrote about his philosophy, habit or private life. His personality is sincere and earnest like his name. "Seijitu" 誠実 means sincerity and I like this word. There is a Japanese proverb "Na wa Tai wo Arawasu" 名は体をあらわす. The name expresses the character or substance. He is just like this proverb. 

Sincerity is virtue for human being. "Seijitsu" is important for especially our society and sincere person is confided in our life. Sometimes it is unfavorable to be too earnest, however, I want to be sincere. 
The royalty on this book is used as donation for victims of this earthquake.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Danger Past, and The Japanese Nation Forgotten ?

I don't like to criticize someone or something. Because I feel negative mind. However, I was disappointed about Japanese politicians. 

They think about only protecting their party or own interests. Perhaps most of Japanese were disappointed and disgusted their attitude. Why are they committed to victims of this earthquake?
Opponents don't have effective solutions for correspondence of nuclear power plant problems or recovery of disaster area. They waste our money and precious time.

There is a phrase, Nodomoto sugireba atsusa wasureru 喉元過ぎれば熱さ忘れる.  When hot foods or water pass through our gullet, we feel hot. However, we forget the feeling after the foods have passed. This means 'The danger past, and God forgotten". All of politicians might do their best for victims' life. However, as if the danger past, and the Japanese nation forgotten ? Politicians don't understand how victims are sufferring and the danger don't past now. Don't they think present situation in Japan is crisis? 

It is so shameful things.