Saturday, June 21, 2008

Emigration to Brazil

Japanese emigrated to some countries in North and South America in the past. Especially a lot of Japanese emigrated to Brazil and Their descendants live in Brazil as Japanese- Brazilian, Nisei , or Sansei now. This year is 100 years anniversary for emigration to Brazil. Japanese Prince, Hironomiya visits Brazil to attend the ceremonies of the anniversary. The ancestors have pioneered wild field and fought against discrimination. They were diligent and worked hard at farm. The actual life in Brazil was severe for them. Hawaii is one of places that a lot of Japanese emigrated.
Now Japanese- Brazilian people emigrate to Japan and live at some suburbs. Almost of them work at factories with lower wage. They have some Brazilian communities there.
The number of Brazilian is the third among foreign residents in Japan. (No.1 and No.2 are Korean and Chinese.) And some Japanese - Brazilians want to be naturalized in Japan.
A lot of Brazilian football players play in Japanese League, J League. Zico who is most famous Brazilian for Japanese, was manager of Japan National Team in 2006 World cup.
Japanese like Brazilian music and I love it personally.
Brazil is the furthest country from Japanese but very close to Japanese society

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fair Skin

We consider that fair skin is better for women in Japan. Fair skin is a word for praise. We have a proverb about fair skin. It is " Fair skin can conceal seven faults." When we praise beautiful skin of women, we can say that your skin is like be transparent or silk.
Japanese skin is very fine and delicate. Now women take care of their skin especially to whiten and protect skin from sunshine and ultraviolet rays. Sunburn is the most fearful matter for Japanese women. Also sunburning much is a cause for skin cancer. We recognise ultraviolet rays are so strong not only in summer but all of season. I put sun block foundation on my face all the time.
In summer a lot of women bring an umbrella for shutting out ultraviolet rays and hot heat. There is sun block or cosmetics to protect our skin. Reflected heat or light from the asphalted pavement is very strong in town. Most women are so nerves for fair skin.
On the other hand, Japanese women prefer Japanese men who have brown and sunburned skin. Because women prefer sportsman, not indoor type.
Anyway, Japanese women always take care of our ski to whiten.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Myth for Sefety

I have to say that myth for security in Japan is lost now. An atrocious indiscriminate murder occurred in Akihabara, is famous town as Otaku culture, in daylight. Young man is criminal and he killed 7 harmless people and attacked 10 people by rented track and knife. The criminal confessed that he came Akihabara to kill someone because he was disgusted by our society. He don't care whom he intend to kill.

Japan was known as safety country in the world. The guns are prohibited and actually women could walk around downtown even at night. However, some similar and insane crimes have occurred recently. We feel that Japanese social order is something strange and transient cases or crimes without definite motive increased in Japan now.
A young man killed an English female teacher about one years ago. The criminal was her student. He has not arrested. She came from England. Her father said that he and his daughter thought Japan was safe and peaceful country.
We can't say Japan is safe now. There are a lot of causes for these crimes. Education, family, food, lifestyle, and so on. We don't know why these cases occur. However, we have to always pay attention when we walk the street. Because we don't know when we are involved with these accidents. We are sorry that myth for safety is missing.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

After School

Japanese movies become interesting in recent days. Japanese movie fans have liked to see especially Hollywood movies in movie theater until now. Because the story is very atractive and famous Hollywood stars appear in these movies. Many Hollywood movies as entertainment have released in Japan and very popular. It might be admiration for American culture. Actually I have seen a lot of Hollywood movies to go to theater.

However, a lot of people, including I, see Japanese movies in movie theater now. These movies have originality and the story is interesting now. Japanese horror movies were exported to Hollywood or other movies were remade. Recent blockbuster movie in Japan is Japanese movies, "Aibou". A lot of young Japanese directors make a film and these films are creative.

"After School " is Japanese movie title. I thought that I wanted it in the movie theater. The story and plot are excellent and complex. Performance of all casts is good. We can enjoy it as a entertainment. I am so happy to see good Japanese films.

This is a review for "After School".

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Japan totally has a lot of rain. Rainy season begun yesterday around Kanto area. If you live in Japan, it is essential to have umbrella in rainy day. From June to the end of July is usually rainy season in Japan. We call it “Tsuyu”. Tsuyu is very humid. I think almost Japanese don’t like rainy season. It is especially horrible in commuter trains or buses during rainy season.
And a lot of typhoons hit Japan end of July. They bring big disasters every year. I have heard that Japanese consumption of umbrellas is No.1 in the world. We often have folding umbrella. They are very light and small. It is convenient to put it in our bag. And we can buy simple and cheap vinyl umbrella at convenience stores or pharmacies now. These vinyl umbrellas have been broken by strong wind and thrown away after storm. A lot of vinyl umbrellas have changed to wastes on the streets. And umbrellas are one of things that people frequently leave in the bus or train after rain.
When we look down the street from the heights at the building, colorful umbrellas look like beautiful flowers.