Monday, June 9, 2008

Myth for Sefety

I have to say that myth for security in Japan is lost now. An atrocious indiscriminate murder occurred in Akihabara, is famous town as Otaku culture, in daylight. Young man is criminal and he killed 7 harmless people and attacked 10 people by rented track and knife. The criminal confessed that he came Akihabara to kill someone because he was disgusted by our society. He don't care whom he intend to kill.

Japan was known as safety country in the world. The guns are prohibited and actually women could walk around downtown even at night. However, some similar and insane crimes have occurred recently. We feel that Japanese social order is something strange and transient cases or crimes without definite motive increased in Japan now.
A young man killed an English female teacher about one years ago. The criminal was her student. He has not arrested. She came from England. Her father said that he and his daughter thought Japan was safe and peaceful country.
We can't say Japan is safe now. There are a lot of causes for these crimes. Education, family, food, lifestyle, and so on. We don't know why these cases occur. However, we have to always pay attention when we walk the street. Because we don't know when we are involved with these accidents. We are sorry that myth for safety is missing.

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