Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tsure ga Utsu ni Narimasite ツレがうつになりまして

"Tsure ga Utsu ni Narimasite" ツレがうつになりまして is title of Japanese film. This means “my husband has got a depression” Depression is a sickness that office workers especially tend to get and is increasing now in Japan.

Depression うつ病 (Utsubyo) is one of social problems. There are some reasons why office workers get sick. Off course, the personality is a reason of this sickness. Perfectionist or methodical person tends to be sick. However, I think Japanese people always work too much every day.
Also human relations in a company, crammed train (満員電車) in the morning and overtime work is stressful in Japan.

Being hardworking, accuracy for work or earnest originally regards as good thing in Japanese society. It is usual to be serious. However, the social environment is sometimes very uneasy for us. Responsibility and obligation for their work give pressure to us.
And crammed train every morning is also so stressful. It is not easy to have holiday and long vacation in Japan.
What do we do if a member of family gets a depression? This film expresses the bond of a couple, daily life and society in Japan. Japanese often say "Ganbatte! "  (keep up) がんばって!to cheer up someone. However, this is taboo word for a patient. The catchphrase of this film, "Ganbaranaizo" がんばらないぞ "I don't have to do my best. " is a phrase that the patient advises himself.

Masato Sakai and Aoi Miyazaki play a Japanese couple in the film. I like one of my favorite actors, Masato Sakai 堺 雅人 and his performance is excellent.  His film "Golden Slumber " is very interesting film.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Itadakimasu and Gochisousama いただきます、ごちそうさま

Before and after we eat each meal, almost Japanese say a word. We learn these words at first as compliment or discipline when we are childhood. We say “Itadakimasu” before meal and “Gochisousama” after meal.

Both words express appreciation for being able to eat foods and a person who cooks meals. A verb, "Itadaku" いただく in Japanese means polite way of saying for eat or get something. So Itadakimasu expresses thanks for bless of nature and foods. Gochisosama express thanks for all people who are concerned with foods, especially a person who cooks meal, bot include of producers or farmers.

They are simple words, however, very important to think about appreciation of foods. I think they are good words. When I was a small child, I didn’t know much the meaning of words and why we should say before and after meal. I just said as a custom. However, I really know about the importance of using this word. We can’t live without all of nature. And eating is fundamental to our life. These words remind us of blessing of foods and my present happy situation.

Eating delicious food is my pressure of my life. I always want to say Itadakimasu and Gochisousama appreciating all of nature.