Friday, February 13, 2009

Haruichiban 春一番

I heard weather news today. A weather reporter said Haruichiban blew tonight or tomorrow. Haruichiban 一番 means very strong wind that blow after the first day of spring. February 4 was the first day of spring by the old calendar. (This letter "春" means spring.)

Haruichiban is like storm with warm and strong wind. When I heard this word, I think that spring is coming.

Tomorrow is St. Valentine Day. As I explained this day in Japan last year, almost Japanese women buy and send sweet chocolate for their boyfriends or coworkers. A trend for Valentine Day this year is "Gyaku Choco". This means men may send chocolates to their girlfriends. I think Japanese people love commercial events as St. Valentine day. A lot of people go to shops to buy many chocolates today. Wave of people will be just like Haruichiban.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


February is coldest month. And the air is very dry. So many people tend to catch a cold, especially flu spreads in our country now.

Japanese people have a interest for health. Preventing disease is important. Exercises is one of way to maintaining our health.

Walking is simplest and most effective exercise. We need no tools. Just only shoes. I often see people who are walking faster than usual walking in weekend. Pedometer is good tool to continue walking. Japanese pedometers have a lot of variations now. There are pedometers with game or other functions.

When we are walking in fresh air and feeling nature, we can refresh and find various things that we can't find in the car or train in our view. Ume 梅 (Japanese apricot) are blooming at this season. They are very tiny, however, so cute flowers. I feel that spring is approaching.
What can you see in your countries now ?

Tiny and cute !!

Flower and small buds

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Japanese films "Nobody to watch over me"

I think that recent Japanese films become very attractive. Sales for Japanese films increased more than foreign films last year. It was so unusual until now. Animation film, "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea " was No.1 hit and other Japanese films were seen by a lot of people.
I have seen two Japanese films in one month. I haven't thought that I saw Japanese films at theater. Because almost films can be seen on TV after the release.

I saw one Japanese film "Nobody to watch over me" on this Sunday. Now crimes by under 20 years are increasing in our country. It is one of social problem. This film's theme is protection for a family of murderer, a boy who is eighteen years old. And a lot of slanders for the family of murderer in Internet is another theme. Two main characters are a younger sister of murderer and a detective who guards her.
This film expresses the problem for Internet society or overheated information for mass media.
Koichi Sato, detective's role, is very popular and talented actor now. He plays in a lot of Japanese films.

One Japanese film "Departures" "おくりびと "was nominated as best foreign language film of Academy Award last week. I hope other countries people know Japanese culture in these films.