Friday, February 13, 2009

Haruichiban 春一番

I heard weather news today. A weather reporter said Haruichiban blew tonight or tomorrow. Haruichiban 一番 means very strong wind that blow after the first day of spring. February 4 was the first day of spring by the old calendar. (This letter "春" means spring.)

Haruichiban is like storm with warm and strong wind. When I heard this word, I think that spring is coming.

Tomorrow is St. Valentine Day. As I explained this day in Japan last year, almost Japanese women buy and send sweet chocolate for their boyfriends or coworkers. A trend for Valentine Day this year is "Gyaku Choco". This means men may send chocolates to their girlfriends. I think Japanese people love commercial events as St. Valentine day. A lot of people go to shops to buy many chocolates today. Wave of people will be just like Haruichiban.

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