Saturday, November 26, 2011

GNH (Gross National Happiness)

King of Bhutan visited Japan with queen as a state guest last week. Some news and episodes for his visit were reported. He respects Japan and Japanese people in his speech at diet and public dinner. The speeches are especially for victims of this earthquake and nuclear power plants.

He visited the devastated area, Fukushima. He met junior high school students there and cheered them with gently words. He was calm and kind person, not haughty at all. And his wife is beautiful and charming.

I didn’t know much about Kingdom of Bhutan. I had known that It is very small country like Japan. The look of Bhutanese is alike Japanese. So we might be feel kinship with Bhutanese. I checked this country and it is pro-Japanese nation. The climate is like Japanese one, too. Two are Buddhism countries.
And there is one of reasons why Bhutanese like Japan. A Japanese man taught agriculture to them a few decades ago as international development. He contributed to improvement of agriculture in Bhutan.

I knew about GNH by his visit. GNH is “gross national happiness”. Percentage of GNH in Bhutan is the highest in the world. What is happiness for us? We materially and economically might be happy. However, are we mentally happy?
King’s smile and sincere attitude gave us good impression for Bhutan.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ambiguity 曖昧

Radioactive contamination of rice in Fukushima was announced in recent news. In not only Fukushima and neighboring prefectures but almost other prefecture radioactive materials are measured. Eight month has passed since nuclear power plant’s accident happened. We spend ordinary life. However, we are afraid of invisible fear. We don’t know when radioactive materials are influenced in our body.

Other countries people might not be able to understand some ambiguous expression or attitude of Japanese. It is a one of Japanese culture and ambiguity is sometimes a good way for our communication. A candid expression sometimes stirs up discord in our society. Japanese fortunately can suppose the real meaning of ambiguous attitude or expression. It is difficult to explain why we can, but we imagine real meanings by the tone, the look, or atmosphere. In case of friend, we often use these ambiguous expressions on purpose to avoid quarrel between us.

However, the ambiguous expression or attitude of government or TEPCO will bring distrust for us and in international society. We suspect that TEPCO conceals the truth for us to avoid confusion. Everyone is interested in this problem. This isn’t a problem for Japan. It is serious issue for everyone who lives on earth. It isn’t too much to say that this fact influences to our future.

Japan must unveil all of truth and data for radioactive materials.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anzen Chitai 安全地帯

Anzen Chitai is one of my favorite Japanese band. When I was a junior high school student, Anzen Chitai's songs were very popular. Debut single, "Wine red no Kokoro" ワインレッドの心 was No.1 hit song in 1983. I love it now.   

Vocal of this band, Koji Tamaki 玉置浩二 is one of very attractive singer for me. I like his voice.
I went to his solo concert several years ago, I was touched so much. I was moved to tears by his performance. The song is Koi no Yokan. 恋の予感. It is second single of Anzen Chitai. He has released a lot of songs as solo singer until now.  Denen 田園 is one of songs that I cheer me up.

Anzen Chitai in Japanese means safety island. They recently released some new albums and single. So they appeared in TV show as an exploitation. It is a Japanese dance group, Exile's TV program. Exile is very popular in Japan now. Anzen chitai and exile sung "Ti amo", exile's hit song in the show. It was so excellent performance. I found two videos of this program in you tube. And I attached my favorite song, Koi no Yokan.   

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hama Rikyu 浜離宮

I found an oasis in Tokyo. There are some landmarks or tourist attractions in Tokyo for persons who live in Tokyo, It is one of them for me. Hama Rikyu is a famous park. It is located at Shiodome 汐留 that is office town. and metropolitan area. However, Slow time passes and atmosphere is so calm in this park.
We can see modern and high office buildings from the park, but it is so quite inside.

There is a Japanese tea house in it .We can drink a cup of powdered green tea and Japanese sweets、wagashi 和菓子 seeing a pond or trees. I got on Tokyo water bus after walking in it and spending peaceful time. We can go to some downtown, shitamachi 下町, Asakusa 浅草or Ryogoku 両国. Asakusa is very famous town in Tokyo. A lot of foreigners visit this town. They enjoy old and traditional places. Water bus was interesting. I can see different scene of Tokyo on the bus. It was very beautiful.
I recommend to get on the water bus in sunny day.  

I could feel relaxing time.