Friday, December 30, 2011

光陰矢のごとし Time flies like an arrow

This year is terrible and sad for Japanese. As you know a lot of Japanese people died. Big earthquake happen and tsunami hit at this March. And we are worried about serious problem, nuclear power plant problem. In numerable people experienced sudden death of family or friend. I can't imagine their sadness or anxiety for future.

A Japanese proverb 光陰矢のごとし (Kohin yanogotoshi). I really feel this meaning this year. No matter how our life is hard, time goes by. So we have to do the best at this moment and enjoy our precious time.
And relationship with people is very important for us. We thought we have to do and want to support victims. A lot of volunteers, not only Japanese but other countries people, supported in devastated area.

And I received kind message from some followers of my blog. I'm so glad and appreciated these message and compassion for us.  Thank you so much!!!
I hope next year is good for everyone and you spend with your family and friends forever.

ありがとう! (Arigatou!)  

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grand Prix Final

I was looking for seeing Grand Prix final of figure skating in Canada. However, we heard sad news about Mao Asada yesterday. She went back to Japan because her mother was critical condition. And I read her mother was died in newspaper. I felt so sad. Parents death, especially mother's death is the saddest thing in our life. It is inevitable experience for us and depresses us. 
I read in today's newspaper. Mao's mother said in life "Mao is like an angel for me" Or After Vancouver Olympic game "I don't need gold medal. I'm happy to see Mao seems to be happy when she is skating. "
Every mother loves own daughter or son and hope their health and happiness.    

Three Japanese skaters, Daksuke Takahashi, Yuzuru Hanyu and Akiko Suzuki. enter in this final. I hope they enjoy their skating and performance.

I want to see her skating and smile in near future.