Friday, December 30, 2011

光陰矢のごとし Time flies like an arrow

This year is terrible and sad for Japanese. As you know a lot of Japanese people died. Big earthquake happen and tsunami hit at this March. And we are worried about serious problem, nuclear power plant problem. In numerable people experienced sudden death of family or friend. I can't imagine their sadness or anxiety for future.

A Japanese proverb 光陰矢のごとし (Kohin yanogotoshi). I really feel this meaning this year. No matter how our life is hard, time goes by. So we have to do the best at this moment and enjoy our precious time.
And relationship with people is very important for us. We thought we have to do and want to support victims. A lot of volunteers, not only Japanese but other countries people, supported in devastated area.

And I received kind message from some followers of my blog. I'm so glad and appreciated these message and compassion for us.  Thank you so much!!!
I hope next year is good for everyone and you spend with your family and friends forever.

ありがとう! (Arigatou!)  


dtedac said...

あけましておめでとう。Happy New Year.
I heard about the earthquake this morning. I hope that you were not affected. May this year bring every good thing to you and to Japan.


Sweet Memory said...

A Happy New Year!

Thank you for your first mesage in this year.
Since the earthquake was strong tremor, I was surprised at it. However, I'm OK.

I hope a lot of great and happy things happen to you in 2012.

Thank you for reading my blog anytime.


Lili said...

Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year! Thank you for your blog and sweet nature, it is very refreshing.

I really like many of your favorite songs, when times seem hard, music encourages me. I especially like songs by マッキー (Noriyuki Makihara) he has such a positive view and his songs are peaceful for me. I really love one of the songs he wrote sung by SMAP ~ Love and peace inside.
Sakamoto Ryuichi and YMO also I love his music! Monkey Magic by Godiego!!! I'm so happy someone else likes this song too (:

I hope the whole planet can remember that life and time go on and the best thing we can do is to be kind and reach out to one another. Your blog does a lovely job of that! Thank you.

Sweet Memory said...

Hi, Lili san

Thank you for your post!
I'm glad to hear you like some Japanese songs that I wrote.

There are a lot of good songs of Noriyuki Makihara. He is very popular singer in Japan. He composed "Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana" 世界にひとつだけの花 of SMAP and the song is very famous in Japan. If you have a chance, I'd like you to listen to.

I hope you have special and happy days in this year!

Noushin said...

Happy new year :) thanks for the saying yah was a hard year 2011... Let's have fun and become ready for a fresh year.

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your first comment!

I'd like you to enjoy my blog and I hope you are happy to stay in Japan in this year.

Jason said...

Hello Sweet Memory. Happy New Year!

I just chanced upon your blog, and I am glad I did.

It is a pleasure to read of your account of Japan from the within. I always had respect for Japan technology. Recently I found an interest in Japan culture and history too. It is amazing to know what after the World Wars and past strife, Japan has become such a thriving and peaceful nation. I find myself occasionally reading about Japan in my spare time just for fun.

There are so many different cultures within Japan, it feels like there is always something to read.

Do not worry about your English. I find it understandable and rather adorable (or kawaii).

I have three question on my mind to a Japanese local. Does the phrase 'Ganbatte' ever seem to feel overused? Is it the only word used to encourage? If not, how often is it used on a daily, weekly basis and for what reasons?


(P.S. Sorry if this is rather long :p)

Sweet Memory said...

Hi, Jason. A happy new year!

I'm glad you have read my blog!

As you say, Japanese frequently use this "Ganbatte" がんばって! or "Ganbatte kudasai" (polite expression) to encourage someone im our daily life.
It is simple and easy to say to all of types of person. This word includes some meanings, "Do your best", "Good luck" or "You can do it"...

But the word and our hope sometimes depresses him or her. Because the person who suffers from something has done one's best. Ganbatte gets stressful for him or her. Ganbatte is probally meaningless for victims who live in Tohoku area.

Support or action for people might be better than wishful words.

I have a lot of Japanese things that I don't know. However, if you have some questions, please let me know. I will check it.

Jason said...

Domo arigato, Sweet Memory! xD

I will take you up on that offer when I happen to think of something :P