Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chūshingura 忠臣蔵

There is a historical story that is produced as TV special drama in almost every December. The story is Chushingura 忠臣蔵 . Chusingura or Akō rōshi 赤穂浪士 is well-known and almost Japanese know this event. It is one of stories of Kabuki Though I have seen these dramas several times, I didn't know personally why people like this story and they think of moving story. Because it is just vengeance and sad story. 

A historical event that is based on happened in Edo period 江戸時代. Edo period is so peaceful after the Warring State Period. So this event might be sensational for people in these days. And loyalty to master was regarded as  virtue for samurais. They could die for their master no matter what happened. 

New Japanese film, "Saigo no chusingura" released 最後の忠臣蔵 this month in Japan. This is a story after the event. It will release in US next year. And I heard a news that this story is going to be filmed in Hollywood, starring Keanu Reeves.
It might be interesting when you see it after knowing about Chushingura story and it is so famous in Japan.   

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heattech and Haramaki

I can endure the coldness by grace of two underwear this year. One is new material, heattech. Heattech is developed by UNIQLO, one of clothing makers. Clothing of heattech is very warm. It was sold few years ago and underwear or clothing of heattech became a big seller in Japan. I bought some heattech items this year.
In case of my room, it is very cold in winter. Especially the room isn't heated at night when I sleep. So the coldness is out of ordinary. However, when I wear heattech underwear, I can sleep well.

Another useful item is Haramaki 腹巻き. It is traditional thermal underwear and it has been used for men, especially for middle age or old men. It has not been cool  for a long time. However, young women use now as one of thermal underwear. It is colorful and fashionable. Normal haramaki is made of wool. However, since close of haramaki is innovated, we can wear it under clothing. When I go out wearing it in cold day, it is very warm. Of course, there is heattech haramaki and it is so useful.

New technology and traditional underwear is essential for me in this winter.             

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nenmatsu Jambo Takarakuji 年末ジャンボ宝くじ- Lottery

I went shopping for buying Christmas present at Ginza. A lot of people were walking on streets and enjoyed shopping. And I found some long lines of people. I knew why such many people were waiting for. Because they buy Nenmatsu Jambo Takarakuji.

Nenmatu Jambo Takarakuji 年末ジャンボ宝くじ is the name of Japanese lottery in the end of year. First prize money is two hundred billions yen. There are some lottery stands in Tokyo that sold winning tickets of first prize. A Stand in front of Nishi Ginza department store is very famous for selling winning tickets. The long line at Ginza always becomes topics in end of the year.

Everyone wish to win a lottery someday and get a lot of money. Buying lottery tickets is same as buying a dream. It is exciting for people who buy lottery to imagine what do we do if we would win lottery. We can know the number of winning tickets at the beginning of next year. Their dreams continue until the announcement day comes.

What do you do if you win lottery?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nobel Prize Ceremony "I Have No Enemies"

Two Japanese won Nobel prize in chemistry this year. We are proud of this event. Yesterday Nobel prize ceremony was held and top news was about the ceremony in TV.

Another topics was about the ceremony of Nobel peace prize. A Chinese, Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel peace prize, however, he couldn't attend it. I didn't know about him until he won the prize. When I saw this news, I was touched his word, "I have no enemies".

A Japanese TV drama series, "Ryomaden" finished this month. And Ryoma Sakamoto who said  "Nothing generate from hatred " in the drama.

To be happy and spend peacefully, these words are very important in our life. I think nothing change from fighting or hatred

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have forgotten my faborite songs for a long time. However, when I listen to it by chance somewhere, I suddenly remember them that are my favorite songs.

"Gibs" by Shena Ringo is just one of these songs. I have forgotten it about for ten years. However, I listened it that was sung by diffrent singer recently. Time passed and my situation changed.  Time passed and my situation changed. However, I felt again it was wonderful song.
I think you have these songs...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bookstore and Japanese History

I like to go to bookstore. My favorite bookstores are Maruzen 丸善 in Marunouchi, Kinokuniya shoten (bookstore) 紀伊国屋書店 in Shinjuku or Junkudo ジュンク堂 in Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. They are very big chain bookstore in Japan. We can find all genre of books including foreign books.
I recently found a book at Maruzen. The title is "Nihon ryoku" 日本力. It was a book that was edited a talk for Japan by Seigou Matsuoka 松岡正剛 who is researcher of Japan or Japanese culture and Everett Kennedy Brown who is a photographer. I knew them after reading it. It was very interesting. 

I read some Seigou Matsuoka's books and I feel that we need to know and learn about especially Japanese history again. I learned about Japanese history when I was high school students. However, I might not understand importance of it. After graduating school I experience many things in our society. By leaning Japanese history again, I can understand some present events and problems in our life or I realize the reasons or real meanings for them. 

There are a lot of his books in Japanese, however, I'm sorry that I can't introduce his translated books, English or other languages. His opinions for Japan are interesting  for me. He read a lot of books and it is certainly he is an intellect.

We have a lot of social problems now. Japanese economy is unstable. Learning and knowing our history or ancestral wisdom again might be a key to solving them.