Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chūshingura 忠臣蔵

There is a historical story that is produced as TV special drama in almost every December. The story is Chushingura 忠臣蔵 . Chusingura or Akō rōshi 赤穂浪士 is well-known and almost Japanese know this event. It is one of stories of Kabuki Though I have seen these dramas several times, I didn't know personally why people like this story and they think of moving story. Because it is just vengeance and sad story. 

A historical event that is based on happened in Edo period 江戸時代. Edo period is so peaceful after the Warring State Period. So this event might be sensational for people in these days. And loyalty to master was regarded as  virtue for samurais. They could die for their master no matter what happened. 

New Japanese film, "Saigo no chusingura" released 最後の忠臣蔵 this month in Japan. This is a story after the event. It will release in US next year. And I heard a news that this story is going to be filmed in Hollywood, starring Keanu Reeves.
It might be interesting when you see it after knowing about Chushingura story and it is so famous in Japan.   

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