Saturday, January 29, 2011

Unexpected Satisfaction - Unit Asia

I went to a concert this week. My friend gave a ticket of a fusion band that is composed by Asian musicians. 
The name of the band is Unit Asia. I didn't know it.

I didn't especially expect, however, the performance was so excellent and I was touched. The member is three Japanese, guitarist, bassist, drummer and Thai saxophonist and Malaysian pianist. Three Egyptian musicians played some musics as special guests in the concert. Especially I loved piano performance. I haven't seen live performance about for several years. I was satisfied with big surprise. I was happy to hear good music. 

Unit Asia toured in Asian and Middle East last year. I found the performances in YouTube. I especially like music in No.2.
         "unit asia" Concert 2010 in Cairo #3       

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Onigiri おにぎり is Japanese soul food

The national football team battle in Asian Cup in middle east area now.  I read a topic in newspaper about national team. First game was barely draw game. It is weakness for Japanese team not to able to shoot one goal. Italian, Zacceloni is new director and he instructed the players to eat Onigiri after the first game. I thought his instruction was right. I think onigiri is one of our soul foods. When we ear it, we can get energy.
Onigiri is just a rice ball. It is very simple, however it is so delicious for us. 

Probably first onigiri in our life is each mother's handmade onigiri. Japanese mother make putting it in her love for their children. The shape is ball or triangle. I love onigiri and sometimes eat one or two as lunch. A lot of onigiri, various types are sold in convenience store.
I brought my mother's onigiri for lunch box when I was a child. My mother's onigiri is triangle. I loved my mother's onigiri. I remember I was happy to eat it.

National football team won last game and they play against Korean national team next week. I hope they win by onigiri power.   

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nisoku no Waraji 二足の草鞋

I chatted with my friends at lunch recently. Our topic was about recent job. Economy deteriorates and finding a job is difficult for even students who will graduate this year. Pay of Japanese workers diminishes and people are fearful of sudden dismissal.
Japanese have worked at one company for our life. It is said permanent employment. However, this system becomes unstable. We don't know when we lose our job.

We talk about business card, too at lunch. One of my friends said it was good idea that office workers have two kinds of business card.
Japanese office worker has a custom to exchange their business card for introducing their name and company when we see first time at business. They have generally one kind of card. However, if they would have another type of original business card, it might be useful to negotiate with their client. For example, their interests, hobby or things that they learn and study is described on another card. If they exchange two different cards, we will have a lively conversation. They might be able to negotiate with client smoothly. As another merit, we can have various world except their job. 
Especially Japanese office workers have worked hard from Monday to Friday for one company. It is normal to work overtime every day. They haven't had any time to spend for their hobby or interests and improve something. However, because it is no guarantee for permanent employment now, work style should be changed now. We might be able to find other ability and way or life if we can spend time for our interests.

There is a Japanese phrase. "Nisoku no waraji wo haku". ”二足の草鞋をはく” This direct meaning is that we wear two pair of Japanese traditional footwear "Waraji". The real meaning is having two works.  We need "Nisoku no waraji" to survive adversity in present days. It is difficult to live with only one job.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

20 Years Old

Yesterday was a national holiday, coming of age day (seijin no hi) in Japan. When we become 20 years old, everyone is regarded as adult. 

There are very famous two athletes who are 20 years old. They are well-known in Japan.
One is Mao Asada and another is Ryo Ishikawa. You will know Mao Asada. She is great female figure skater and got shilver medal in Vancouver Olimpic. Her skating is always beautiful and marvelous.
Ryo Ishikawa is pro golfer and so populer. He is as like Tiger Woods in Japan. Though he is young, he is always modest and sincere. He became No.1 player in Japan last year. He was invited at Masters tournament this year. I like them and they will show good performance to us this year. I want to cheer them. 

I found Mao's perfect skating last year in YouTube. So beautiful !!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fukubukuro 福袋 (Lucky Bag)

A Happy New Year!  How do you spend in this new year ? 

Almost worker doesn't work from January 1st to 3rd in Japan. We call this three days "Sanganichi".
However some stores are open at January 2nd and new year sale begins. Special goods for new year, Fukubukuro. 福袋 is very popular in Japan and women especially like to buy it. We can't know what items are put in this bag. It is excited about opening it at home for customers. 

"Fuku" 福 means luck or happiness and is auspicious character in Japan. There are 7 gods who bring happiness for us. It is Shitifukujin (Seven lucky gods) 七福神.  Ebisu 恵比寿 is one of them. Ebisu, a place in Tokyo is same name of this god. 

I hope you have a lot of Fuku 福 this year and enjoy my blog !