Sunday, January 23, 2011

Onigiri おにぎり is Japanese soul food

The national football team battle in Asian Cup in middle east area now.  I read a topic in newspaper about national team. First game was barely draw game. It is weakness for Japanese team not to able to shoot one goal. Italian, Zacceloni is new director and he instructed the players to eat Onigiri after the first game. I thought his instruction was right. I think onigiri is one of our soul foods. When we ear it, we can get energy.
Onigiri is just a rice ball. It is very simple, however it is so delicious for us. 

Probably first onigiri in our life is each mother's handmade onigiri. Japanese mother make putting it in her love for their children. The shape is ball or triangle. I love onigiri and sometimes eat one or two as lunch. A lot of onigiri, various types are sold in convenience store.
I brought my mother's onigiri for lunch box when I was a child. My mother's onigiri is triangle. I loved my mother's onigiri. I remember I was happy to eat it.

National football team won last game and they play against Korean national team next week. I hope they win by onigiri power.   

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cuteandcurls said...

I absolutely love onigiri. I know if I just have 2 onigiri whether for dinner or lunch, that is enough to keep me full :) Wishing you a great start to your day and week :)