Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nisoku no Waraji 二足の草鞋

I chatted with my friends at lunch recently. Our topic was about recent job. Economy deteriorates and finding a job is difficult for even students who will graduate this year. Pay of Japanese workers diminishes and people are fearful of sudden dismissal.
Japanese have worked at one company for our life. It is said permanent employment. However, this system becomes unstable. We don't know when we lose our job.

We talk about business card, too at lunch. One of my friends said it was good idea that office workers have two kinds of business card.
Japanese office worker has a custom to exchange their business card for introducing their name and company when we see first time at business. They have generally one kind of card. However, if they would have another type of original business card, it might be useful to negotiate with their client. For example, their interests, hobby or things that they learn and study is described on another card. If they exchange two different cards, we will have a lively conversation. They might be able to negotiate with client smoothly. As another merit, we can have various world except their job. 
Especially Japanese office workers have worked hard from Monday to Friday for one company. It is normal to work overtime every day. They haven't had any time to spend for their hobby or interests and improve something. However, because it is no guarantee for permanent employment now, work style should be changed now. We might be able to find other ability and way or life if we can spend time for our interests.

There is a Japanese phrase. "Nisoku no waraji wo haku". ”二足の草鞋をはく” This direct meaning is that we wear two pair of Japanese traditional footwear "Waraji". The real meaning is having two works.  We need "Nisoku no waraji" to survive adversity in present days. It is difficult to live with only one job.


cuteandcurls said...

This is interesting to read. I never knew that in the Japanese work / socialising culture you exchange two types of cards but Im trying to understand about the second card that more towards socialising purpose or more towards business?

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very interesting! I read about the yutampo in your blog and I recently wrote about it in my blog, here.

have a nice day!

Sweet Memory said...

Almost office workers have generally only one kind of business card, not two types of it.

We talked about another different card, more torwards socialising purpose. We imagined it was better special cards that we can exchange among our friends as one of imformations about ourselves. If you hae a chance to see Japanese film series, ”Tsuri baka nisshi 釣りバカ日誌" , it is very interesting to know Japanese general business society.

Sweet Memory said...

Hi vivian! Thank you for your comment. I hope you like Japanese culture.

cuteandcurls said...

Ah I understand that now so it is for socialising purpose. Thank you for explaining this :)