Tuesday, January 11, 2011

20 Years Old

Yesterday was a national holiday, coming of age day (seijin no hi) in Japan. When we become 20 years old, everyone is regarded as adult. 

There are very famous two athletes who are 20 years old. They are well-known in Japan.
One is Mao Asada and another is Ryo Ishikawa. You will know Mao Asada. She is great female figure skater and got shilver medal in Vancouver Olimpic. Her skating is always beautiful and marvelous.
Ryo Ishikawa is pro golfer and so populer. He is as like Tiger Woods in Japan. Though he is young, he is always modest and sincere. He became No.1 player in Japan last year. He was invited at Masters tournament this year. I like them and they will show good performance to us this year. I want to cheer them. 

I found Mao's perfect skating last year in YouTube. So beautiful !!



dtedac said...

Sweet Memory,
I just want you to know that I am still following your blog. I enjoy reading about the things that you describe. I have an interest in Japanese culture, and you help me learn more.
The other day on TV here in the US, there was a feature on ramen: how popular it is and the variety of different ways to make it. It looked so good to me.
Have a great year. I will keep in touch.

Sweet Memory said...

Hi! David !

I'm glad you keep reading my blog! Thank you so much!

I had written about ramen on my blog. It is most popular food in Japan. Many people are waiting for eating it in flont of popular ramen shop. There are a lot of kinds of ramen. Taste is soy sauce, miso, salt and tonkotsu.
A lot of ramen shops exist in Japan.

Now Tsuke-men might be popular. Bowl of soup and noodle is separated and we eat dipping noodle in soup It's like Japanese soba noodle.
Anyway, I think ramen might be another soul foods for us.

I hope you enjoy my blog and please ask me about Japan or Japanese culture any time!