Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recent Japanese Film

I saw two Japanese films recently. They are both very interesting and if you have a chance to see, you can enjoy them.

One is 夢売るふたり and another is 鍵泥棒のメソッド. I'm sorry there has no English title yet. They are now showing in Japan.

The director of 夢売るふたり is female, Miwa Nishikawa. I have recommended in my blog, "Dear Doctor" is her film. A couple lost their own Japanese-style bar by by fire. They commit marriage fraud for saving the money to run their new bar. Many women are deceived by the husband and they can save the money. However, the relationship of the couple is worse little by little... The performance of two lead characters, Sadao Abe and Takako Matsu are excellent.  

鍵泥棒のメソッド is comedy and the storyline is perfect.
A poor man who want to be famous actor, a hit man and a female editor of magazine are main characters. The hit man lose his memory by an accident in public bath. Since he looks rich, the poor man changes his locker key for the key of hit man and pretend to the hit man. The hit man can remember nothing and becomes poor actor. And many problems occurs around two men... 
I laughed a lot in the theater. Two actor, Masato Sakai and Teruyuki Kagawa are so well-known and great actors in Japan. Another character, Ryoko Hirosue is very cute and popular in Japan. She appeared in Japanese film, "Departures" おくりびと and French film, "Wasabi" by Luc Besson. So if you are a Japanese movie fun, you see them in many Japanese films.