Saturday, March 26, 2011

After Two Weeks

My life is almost normal now. Since we save electricity in Tokyo, time schedule for train is limited. Trains are always crammed in the morning. Since some elevator in my office stops, I go up the steps every day. It is inconvenient a little, however, no problem.  

Nuclear power plant's problem is very serious now. It is said that it is safe for people who live in Tokyo, however, we don't know when and what is happened. We are worried about radioactive material. A particle of radioactive materials in vegetable and city water is actually detected. Government said it is not influential for human body, however, we are worried after all. Water of plastic bottle is sold out in supermarket or yesterday.

Many people work hard for this problem at nuclear power plant in Fukushima. I want to appreciate the brave people, TEPCO, firemen or SDF,  And alll Japanese want to help a lot of victims and evacuee. Some campaigns to raise funds expand. All Japanese think to want to do something and support for all victims. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kizuna 絆 (Our bond) - Ame nimo Makezu

We suffer a lot of damage, however, we can hear some good news day by day. I'm happy to hear.

A lot of Japanese artists act to support and help victims. Kizuna311 is a project to encourage them by Ken Watanabe who is famous Japanese actor and appear in Hollywood movies.
He recites a famous Japanese poet "Ame nimo makezu" for victims. It is a poet by Kenji Miyazawa who is well known for us. He was born in Iwate prefecture of Tohoke area. It is just devastated area now. I heard his recitation and read it again. I was so touched. I found why Tohoku people are so patient, strong and positive after reading it. The toughness is formed by severe climate in Tohoku area. I want to be strong like them. I want to introduce Ken's recitation. 

not losing to the rain
not losing to the wind
not losing to the snow nor to summer's heat
with a strong body
unfettered by desire
never losing temper
cultivating a quiet joy
every day four bowls of brown rice
miso and some vegetables to eat
in everything
count yourself last and put others before you
watching and listening, and understanding
and never forgetting
in the shade of the woods of the pines of the fields
being in a little thatched hut
if there is a sick child to the east
going and nursing over them
if there is a tired mother to the west
going and shouldering her sheaf of rice
if there is someone near death to the south
going and saying there's no need to be afraid
if there is a quarrel or a suit to the north
telling them to leave off with such waste
when there's drought, shedding tears of sympathy
when the summer's cold, wandering upset
called a blockhead by everyone
without being praised
without being blamed
such a person
I want to become

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Things that I think

My daily life is changing now. Many Japanese people felt how our daily life is precious. We had thought it was usual. Now supply of electricity is limited in Kanto (east) area. Government says we have to save electricity. I am surprised how we depend on electrical appliances. It is as if we addict electricity. We can't do nothing without electricity in our life. It is very inconvenience, however, we must endure this difficulties. 

Many people can't eat enough without heating in devastated area. All of supplies is insufficient. I think that people in the Tohoku (northeasten) area are very admirable.  Everyone are very patient in spite of such discomfort. They are so calm and waiting for our support and supply. There are a lot of elder people in Tohoku. I'm sorry that many people died and their families are victims. 

This difficulties are our trial. Also it might be a chance that we reconsider our life style. I want to say.

I appreciate all of things in my life and I live now.  

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thank you for your message and support !

We appreciate your kind message and support. We are receiving offers and support of many country or organizations for Japan now. These kindness will help us and our life.

Thank you so much !!   

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Destiny

Yesterday massive earthquake happened in Japan. The hypocenter is north area and far from Tokyo. Victims by tsunami are increasing now. However I and people in Tokyo felt big shake and impact. I was so scary and I have never experiented such a big earthquake. It was unbelievable shake even in Tokyo.  We use subway or train to commute to work in Tokyo. However, they stopped at the time to go home. Trafic was blocked. Defects for Tokyo are earthquake and sudden a lot of snow.

Earthquake is our destiny. There are a lot of active faults under our island. We can't avoid this fact. And there are a lot of other nature disaster in Japan. We have to receive and conquer these natural disasters.


Sunday, March 6, 2011


"Musicman" is a title of new album of  Keisuke Kuwata 桑田佳祐 who is so famous singer in Japan. I love his songs. He is leader and lead vocal of a rock band, Southern All Stars. He success for a musician and artist. Almost Japanese will know him or we have heard his songs. 
He got cancer when he produced this new album last year. However, he was operated and came back to us. I haven't bought the album yet, I want it now. I liked new single in this album , ginga no hosikuzu 銀河の星屑.
His voice is husky. And his lyrics are so special and unique. I can't explain the uniqueness well in English. Japanese taste and western taste are mixed and assimilate in his lyrics.  It is very natural and produce his special world. I think he is genius of word. There are many favorite his songs for me. 

Two Japanese musician, Takahiro Matsumoto and Hirom Uehara got grammy award this year. 

Takahiro Matsumoto is a guitarist of very famous rock unit "B'z". Hiromi Uehara is famous jazz female pianist. I love her performance.

There are many talented musician in Japan. I'm glad other countries' people know them and hear their songs or music.