Saturday, March 19, 2011

Things that I think

My daily life is changing now. Many Japanese people felt how our daily life is precious. We had thought it was usual. Now supply of electricity is limited in Kanto (east) area. Government says we have to save electricity. I am surprised how we depend on electrical appliances. It is as if we addict electricity. We can't do nothing without electricity in our life. It is very inconvenience, however, we must endure this difficulties. 

Many people can't eat enough without heating in devastated area. All of supplies is insufficient. I think that people in the Tohoku (northeasten) area are very admirable.  Everyone are very patient in spite of such discomfort. They are so calm and waiting for our support and supply. There are a lot of elder people in Tohoku. I'm sorry that many people died and their families are victims. 

This difficulties are our trial. Also it might be a chance that we reconsider our life style. I want to say.

I appreciate all of things in my life and I live now.  


yanub said...

The whole world is watching Japan with interest and admiration. Please stay strong!

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you !!!

Ganbarimasu !

e said...

ganbatte kudasai! keep you head up!!

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your messages!

We'll do our best!!

cuteandcurls said...

These challenging times are your trials and tribulations. The people of Japan are well prepared for this and its with great admiration to see they always have a smile on their faces as they face their day to day lives. Your patience, perseverance, courage, bravery and strength are amazing. Hang in there Japan!!