Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thank you for your message and support !

We appreciate your kind message and support. We are receiving offers and support of many country or organizations for Japan now. These kindness will help us and our life.

Thank you so much !!   


S said...

I am so sorry for Japan! :(

You are great people, I am sure you will do your best to minimize this disaster

Ganbatte! We support you!

tilmon said...

I am happy you are safe and can continue to write friendly words in your blog.

Japan is amazing. May bright days come soon.

Sweet Memory said...

I really appreciate your messages. We are encouraged by eveyone heart. Ganbarimasu!

cuteandcurls said...

Everyone around the world are thinking and praying for Japan. The support, encouragement and help keeps flowing. Stay strong People of Japan !!

cuteandcurls said...


Japan is a beautiful country, filled with brave resilient people who are born to be prepared for anything. We all believe that, just watching the news its amazing, admirable how your people face the hardships at the moment. Our thoughts and prayers are always there for you and Japan.

dtedac said...

I just want to add my words of encouragement. I hope that the nuclear power plant problems will be resolved soon and without more radiation. I am glad that you are fine. Hoping for things to go better for you soon.


Sweet Memory said...

I really appreciate your encouragement. We have to keep up in order to overcome this difficulties.

Thank you !!!