Sunday, October 31, 2010

ラーメンたべたい! (Ramen tabetai)

There is a food that almost Japanese like. Sometimes I have an urge to eat it. It is Ramen. Ramen らーめん is very popular Japanese food. It is originally Chinese food, however, I think Ramen becomes a typical Japanese food.

There are some taste, soy sauce, miso, salt. tonkotsu, . A lot of ramen shops ラーメン屋 exist in Japan. They have own original ramen. A lot of people wait to eat delicious and special ramen in front of popular ramen shops. People can wait for a long time to eat it. Almost ramen shops are small and hold less than 20 people. There is a counter that have about ten seats and some tables.
Ramen is of course delicious, however, I think there is another reason that ramen is popular. It takes about 30 or 40 minutes to order and eat it. It is very easy to fill and satisfy our stomach quickly. I think it is modern soul food for Japanese.

"I want to eat Ramen !" ラーメンたべたい! I say one in a week. I love it. After you eat it in Japan, you must eat it again and say "Ramen Tabetai!".

A song "ラーメンたべたい" is one of my favorite songs. The song was composed by Akiko Yano who I love. Her piano performance is always amazing and fantastic.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hard to say I'm sorry

Today is not a topic about Japan. It's just my thing.

One of my favorite musicians, David Foster comes to Japan now for two concerts in Tokyo. I'm not going to his concert this time. The guest singer is Peter Cetera, Natalie Cole, Charice, and so on. (I have seen to his concert in Japan before.) However, I have a memory of his songs that he produced.

When I was a junior high school students, I found his album by chance at rental record shop. I didn't know about him or his songs. But I thought to want to rent his record. (The title is "The best of me". ) It was gut feeling that this was good. This experience was shocking for me. After that I knew that he was so famous producer in Canada and US. I heard his produced albums or a lot of songs. "Hard to say I'm sorry " , "After the love has gone" , "Morning" , "Through the fire".... (We call these songs (old popular songs) natumero 懐メロ in Japanese.)
I was lucky to be able to see hes live performance at TV this week. Charice and Peter Cetera appeared and sang. When I heard "Hard to say I'm sorry", I was crying.

I think everyone has a shocking experiences for music like encounter for people or books. I remembered my experience or a lot of things in youth.

I linked a song who produced for JAL (Japan Air Line) , one of Japanese airlines.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wataru Seken wa Oni Bakari

There is a very famous and popular long-run TV series in Japan. Title is "Wataru seken wa oni bakari 渡る世間は鬼ばかり" The last series 10 begun last week. The first series begun about for 20 years ago. And period of dram for 1 series is three month, however it is one year. Probably almost Japanese know the title. The playwright of it is Sugako Hashida. She is so famous and wrote "Oshin" that was high audience ratings. Audience ratings of her dramas are always very high.

The main story is a family "Okakura-ke" 岡倉家. The members are a father and five daughters. Five daughters were married. And each daughters has each life and problems about the family and relationship of mother-in-law or children.

Japanese married women has some problems of relationship with mother-in-law in Japan. Japanese couple often lives with husband's family or in duplex house. Wife and mother-in-law is sometimes rival. They have quarrels for different opinions. Very serious theme for married women might be how wife and mother-in-law live together in friendship.

I think audiences has similar experiences like the story. Okakura-ke and daughter's families might be example of typical and common Japanese family. "Wataru Seken" is certainly interesting and saw until 4 series. It is good to know Japanese normal life and human relations.

Monday, October 11, 2010

LOFT and Tokyu Hands

LOFT and Tokyu Hands are two big shops in Tokyo and they are my favorite places. They have a lot of items that are necessary for my life. Furniture, items for interior, stationery, accessories and so on. I can stay in the shop for one hour.

I especially like stationery and sometimes go to see stationery there. Japanese stationery are always innovated, useful and unique. Also design is not only compact but stylish. I like to find new stationery that have been innovated.
Many types are made as one item. For example, when I want a black ball point pen. I can choose my favorite one in four or five types. Each function, design, or selling point is slightly different from other products. The types of each stationery are diverse.

Today I found a new type of stapler , "Harinacks" and ball point pen in LOFT. The stapler can be stapled without staple. And we can erase letters that are written by the ball point pen.

When you visit Tokyo, I recommend you go to LOFT or Tokyu Hands. You can find your favorite items.
Loft ロフト and Tokyu Hands 東急ハンズ
Kokuyo コクヨ is one of my favorite Japanese company.