Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hard to say I'm sorry

Today is not a topic about Japan. It's just my thing.

One of my favorite musicians, David Foster comes to Japan now for two concerts in Tokyo. I'm not going to his concert this time. The guest singer is Peter Cetera, Natalie Cole, Charice, and so on. (I have seen to his concert in Japan before.) However, I have a memory of his songs that he produced.

When I was a junior high school students, I found his album by chance at rental record shop. I didn't know about him or his songs. But I thought to want to rent his record. (The title is "The best of me". ) It was gut feeling that this was good. This experience was shocking for me. After that I knew that he was so famous producer in Canada and US. I heard his produced albums or a lot of songs. "Hard to say I'm sorry " , "After the love has gone" , "Morning" , "Through the fire".... (We call these songs (old popular songs) natumero 懐メロ in Japanese.)
I was lucky to be able to see hes live performance at TV this week. Charice and Peter Cetera appeared and sang. When I heard "Hard to say I'm sorry", I was crying.

I think everyone has a shocking experiences for music like encounter for people or books. I remembered my experience or a lot of things in youth.

I linked a song who produced for JAL (Japan Air Line) , one of Japanese airlines.

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cuteandcurls said...

Many a songs bring back fond memories of my childhood. Each songs that I remember are related to good times and bad times. David Foster is a great composer and has brought so much success to many artists.