Sunday, October 31, 2010

ラーメンたべたい! (Ramen tabetai)

There is a food that almost Japanese like. Sometimes I have an urge to eat it. It is Ramen. Ramen らーめん is very popular Japanese food. It is originally Chinese food, however, I think Ramen becomes a typical Japanese food.

There are some taste, soy sauce, miso, salt. tonkotsu, . A lot of ramen shops ラーメン屋 exist in Japan. They have own original ramen. A lot of people wait to eat delicious and special ramen in front of popular ramen shops. People can wait for a long time to eat it. Almost ramen shops are small and hold less than 20 people. There is a counter that have about ten seats and some tables.
Ramen is of course delicious, however, I think there is another reason that ramen is popular. It takes about 30 or 40 minutes to order and eat it. It is very easy to fill and satisfy our stomach quickly. I think it is modern soul food for Japanese.

"I want to eat Ramen !" ラーメンたべたい! I say one in a week. I love it. After you eat it in Japan, you must eat it again and say "Ramen Tabetai!".

A song "ラーメンたべたい" is one of my favorite songs. The song was composed by Akiko Yano who I love. Her piano performance is always amazing and fantastic.


cuteandcurls said...

Ramen Tabetai!

^_^ Aside from Soba Noodle, Ramen is one of my favorites whether its in shoyu or in miso. When I go to the Japanese restaurant nearby here I must have my Ramen once in awhile. If Im in the mood I make my own beef soup and have it with Ramen :)

Sweet Memory said...

I hear that ramen restaurants in other countries are opened. I'm happy to be able to eat it abroad.

Hokkaido ramen is very famous. You will eat delicious ramen.