Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wataru Seken wa Oni Bakari

There is a very famous and popular long-run TV series in Japan. Title is "Wataru seken wa oni bakari 渡る世間は鬼ばかり" The last series 10 begun last week. The first series begun about for 20 years ago. And period of dram for 1 series is three month, however it is one year. Probably almost Japanese know the title. The playwright of it is Sugako Hashida. She is so famous and wrote "Oshin" that was high audience ratings. Audience ratings of her dramas are always very high.

The main story is a family "Okakura-ke" 岡倉家. The members are a father and five daughters. Five daughters were married. And each daughters has each life and problems about the family and relationship of mother-in-law or children.

Japanese married women has some problems of relationship with mother-in-law in Japan. Japanese couple often lives with husband's family or in duplex house. Wife and mother-in-law is sometimes rival. They have quarrels for different opinions. Very serious theme for married women might be how wife and mother-in-law live together in friendship.

I think audiences has similar experiences like the story. Okakura-ke and daughter's families might be example of typical and common Japanese family. "Wataru Seken" is certainly interesting and saw until 4 series. It is good to know Japanese normal life and human relations.

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cuteandcurls said...

Hello Sweet Memory
Sorry for not visiting as of late, i have been busy with my youngest sister & family visiting and staying with me. This is an interesting drama and such a long run too, I wish to watch it if they ever air it here but i doubt it. I see you mention Oshin here, that was a drama i remember watching back in the 80s when i was probably around 8 or 9 years old. My family and I never missed an episode. Such a great movie with beautiful stage props and costumes.

In marriage it is indeed pretty common for a daughter in law-mother in law differences, it happens in any community. I am glad I have a good relationship with my mother in law but mind you she lives in the UK and me, here in South East Asia.

Have a great weekend!