Saturday, March 26, 2011

After Two Weeks

My life is almost normal now. Since we save electricity in Tokyo, time schedule for train is limited. Trains are always crammed in the morning. Since some elevator in my office stops, I go up the steps every day. It is inconvenient a little, however, no problem.  

Nuclear power plant's problem is very serious now. It is said that it is safe for people who live in Tokyo, however, we don't know when and what is happened. We are worried about radioactive material. A particle of radioactive materials in vegetable and city water is actually detected. Government said it is not influential for human body, however, we are worried after all. Water of plastic bottle is sold out in supermarket or yesterday.

Many people work hard for this problem at nuclear power plant in Fukushima. I want to appreciate the brave people, TEPCO, firemen or SDF,  And alll Japanese want to help a lot of victims and evacuee. Some campaigns to raise funds expand. All Japanese think to want to do something and support for all victims. 


yanub said...

Japanese people are being patient and showing good hopes. Everyone is a friend of Japan now. We will keep supporting Japan!

Sweet Memory said...

We think that we have to cooperate for everything that we can do. All of messages including your message can help and encourage us. Thank you so much !

S said...

I wish all the best for Japan!