Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bookstore and Japanese History

I like to go to bookstore. My favorite bookstores are Maruzen 丸善 in Marunouchi, Kinokuniya shoten (bookstore) 紀伊国屋書店 in Shinjuku or Junkudo ジュンク堂 in Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. They are very big chain bookstore in Japan. We can find all genre of books including foreign books.
I recently found a book at Maruzen. The title is "Nihon ryoku" 日本力. It was a book that was edited a talk for Japan by Seigou Matsuoka 松岡正剛 who is researcher of Japan or Japanese culture and Everett Kennedy Brown who is a photographer. I knew them after reading it. It was very interesting. 

I read some Seigou Matsuoka's books and I feel that we need to know and learn about especially Japanese history again. I learned about Japanese history when I was high school students. However, I might not understand importance of it. After graduating school I experience many things in our society. By leaning Japanese history again, I can understand some present events and problems in our life or I realize the reasons or real meanings for them. 

There are a lot of his books in Japanese, however, I'm sorry that I can't introduce his translated books, English or other languages. His opinions for Japan are interesting  for me. He read a lot of books and it is certainly he is an intellect.

We have a lot of social problems now. Japanese economy is unstable. Learning and knowing our history or ancestral wisdom again might be a key to solving them.                

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