Sunday, January 8, 2012

初心忘るべからず (Remember Your Original Intention)

A Happy New Year ! あけましておめでとうございます

How did you spend at first day of 2012 ?

I am planing what is my aim in this year. It is my health. We can do anything if  we are healthy. What should we do to keep my good health

 1. Don't eat too much.  
 2. To have good posture.
 3. Get some exercise, walking, running, playing table tennis (this is a recent boom for me)....

As to No.2, I recently read a book that written by Japanese Noh player. I have seen a performance of noh once when I was a student. However, it is traditional performing art and we rarely see it in daily life. The motion and posture of Noh performance is good to health. Some noh players can play until old age. The secret of their health is the motion and posture. This book is useful for me.

A Japanese phrase is written in the book. It is 初心忘るべからず Shosin wasuru bekarazu. It is a phrase of Zeami 世阿弥 who was aesthetician for Noh. This original means "Remember your original intention." However, there are three meanings in it. I knew at first time.

I decided that it is my slogan in 2012. Don't be afraid my first challenge remembering my original intention.

The site of Noh 能       


yanub said...





Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your post !

It might be difficult to learn Japanese for foreigners. But you can do it !


Jason said...

Konichiwa Sweet Memory.

My first day of New Years was spent with a Japanese friend in my country. Her family also came over to spend her last New Year's here.

I see you've recommended some songs. ^^ I will go through them when I am in the mood. I have one recently introduced to me by a japanese tomodachi that I really love - 'Okaeri' by Ayaka.


Sweet Memory said...

Hello, Jason.

Ayaka is one of my favorite singer, too. Her another song, my favorite one,is 夢を味方に "Yume wo mikatani " is so excellent.

I love "Okaeri", too!