Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hama Rikyu 浜離宮

I found an oasis in Tokyo. There are some landmarks or tourist attractions in Tokyo for persons who live in Tokyo, It is one of them for me. Hama Rikyu is a famous park. It is located at Shiodome 汐留 that is office town. and metropolitan area. However, Slow time passes and atmosphere is so calm in this park.
We can see modern and high office buildings from the park, but it is so quite inside.

There is a Japanese tea house in it .We can drink a cup of powdered green tea and Japanese sweets、wagashi 和菓子 seeing a pond or trees. I got on Tokyo water bus after walking in it and spending peaceful time. We can go to some downtown, shitamachi 下町, Asakusa 浅草or Ryogoku 両国. Asakusa is very famous town in Tokyo. A lot of foreigners visit this town. They enjoy old and traditional places. Water bus was interesting. I can see different scene of Tokyo on the bus. It was very beautiful.
I recommend to get on the water bus in sunny day.  

I could feel relaxing time.  


mika said...

Sugoi!It's very useful for me since I'll visit Japan soon!I love links .Arigatou gozaimasu,sweet memory:)Sorry,do you live in Tokyo?

Sweet Memory said...

Hi, Mika san!

You are learning Japanese, aren't you. Thank you for your comment!
"Doumo Arigato!"

I'm happy to know that my information is useful for you. And thank you for your comments for "Okaeri".

I didn't know this song was theme song of Japanese drama.

I hope you will enjoy staying in Japan and you are be able to make special memories in Japan!

And I live in Tokyo now.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see it, too. I found this video

Sweet Memory said...

It is useful information. Thank you for your post.