Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anzen Chitai 安全地帯

Anzen Chitai is one of my favorite Japanese band. When I was a junior high school student, Anzen Chitai's songs were very popular. Debut single, "Wine red no Kokoro" ワインレッドの心 was No.1 hit song in 1983. I love it now.   

Vocal of this band, Koji Tamaki 玉置浩二 is one of very attractive singer for me. I like his voice.
I went to his solo concert several years ago, I was touched so much. I was moved to tears by his performance. The song is Koi no Yokan. 恋の予感. It is second single of Anzen Chitai. He has released a lot of songs as solo singer until now.  Denen 田園 is one of songs that I cheer me up.

Anzen Chitai in Japanese means safety island. They recently released some new albums and single. So they appeared in TV show as an exploitation. It is a Japanese dance group, Exile's TV program. Exile is very popular in Japan now. Anzen chitai and exile sung "Ti amo", exile's hit song in the show. It was so excellent performance. I found two videos of this program in you tube. And I attached my favorite song, Koi no Yokan.   

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