Saturday, November 26, 2011

GNH (Gross National Happiness)

King of Bhutan visited Japan with queen as a state guest last week. Some news and episodes for his visit were reported. He respects Japan and Japanese people in his speech at diet and public dinner. The speeches are especially for victims of this earthquake and nuclear power plants.

He visited the devastated area, Fukushima. He met junior high school students there and cheered them with gently words. He was calm and kind person, not haughty at all. And his wife is beautiful and charming.

I didn’t know much about Kingdom of Bhutan. I had known that It is very small country like Japan. The look of Bhutanese is alike Japanese. So we might be feel kinship with Bhutanese. I checked this country and it is pro-Japanese nation. The climate is like Japanese one, too. Two are Buddhism countries.
And there is one of reasons why Bhutanese like Japan. A Japanese man taught agriculture to them a few decades ago as international development. He contributed to improvement of agriculture in Bhutan.

I knew about GNH by his visit. GNH is “gross national happiness”. Percentage of GNH in Bhutan is the highest in the world. What is happiness for us? We materially and economically might be happy. However, are we mentally happy?
King’s smile and sincere attitude gave us good impression for Bhutan.


FabrizioTorri said...

I find very funny that the Japanese people think that their country is " a small country"... and you even compare it to Bhutan!
Japan is very BIG (377,944 km2) and has a very large population (127,960,000 !!!) while Bhutan is a very little country (46.500 km² with a population of only 634.982).
Maybe the japanese thinks that Japan is small because you have China and Russia as rivals, but in the world scale japan isn't small at all!

Sweet Memory said...

Hi, Fabrizio.

We think our country is small land as earth scale. When we see Japan on the world map, we realize Japan is very small and end of the map in Western. However we don't think other large country as rivals.

And We can live on about 30 persents of land. 70 persents is mountains and forests and we cannot live. Since population in Japan is large, we might be feel Japan is very small.
We often say Japanese house is very small as rabbit hutch うさぎ小屋.