Sunday, February 8, 2009


February is coldest month. And the air is very dry. So many people tend to catch a cold, especially flu spreads in our country now.

Japanese people have a interest for health. Preventing disease is important. Exercises is one of way to maintaining our health.

Walking is simplest and most effective exercise. We need no tools. Just only shoes. I often see people who are walking faster than usual walking in weekend. Pedometer is good tool to continue walking. Japanese pedometers have a lot of variations now. There are pedometers with game or other functions.

When we are walking in fresh air and feeling nature, we can refresh and find various things that we can't find in the car or train in our view. Ume 梅 (Japanese apricot) are blooming at this season. They are very tiny, however, so cute flowers. I feel that spring is approaching.
What can you see in your countries now ?

Tiny and cute !!

Flower and small buds


Peekaboo said...

Here in Finland the ground is currently covered with snow.

It has been raining lately so it's nice to have white snow to make our days a bit brighter.

Those flowers are really beautiful. I can't wait for spring to arrive.

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your comment!! Winter of Northern Europe may be very long.White snow is very beautiful in Finland, isn't it. When I was a child, it has snowed several times in a year. However, we can't see snow in Tokyo recently. If it would snow, maybe it is one time.

If you have a chance, I want to recommend you to see Japanese film "Kamome Shokudo".

It was filmed in Finland and very hearwarming story.