Tuesday, March 3, 2009

おくりびと "Departures"

I couldn't have posted for a long time. Because my PC haven't worked.

I saw wonderful Japanese film, "Departures" that won Oscar Best Foreign Language Film last month. It is first time to win Oscar for Japanese film. The big news was reported on large scale in our countries and we were greatly glad to hear this news.

There were a lot of people in the movie theater. Departures is set in Yamagata prefecture, northern rural area of Japan. I have known by this film first time about the ceremony in Japanese funeral. It expresses a kind of Japanese delicate feeling for the departed. You can know about Japanese funeral situation in this film. The scores that are composed by Joe Hisaishi and scenery in Yamagata are very beautiful and magnificent. They are very effective for this film.

Today is Girls Festival (Hina Matsuri) in Japan. You can see a set of Japanese traditional dolls (Hina Ningyo) for Girls Festival in the film.

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