Sunday, March 8, 2009

Afternoon Tea

I have a favorite cafe. It is Afternoon Tea. It is a name of English style cafe. Also Afternoon Tea is a shop for fashionable goods for living. There are a lot of cafes or shops in main towns. It is very popular shops for especially women.

I often go there and eat lunch with my friends on weekend. Each plate is a little expensive. (Almost 1,500 Yen for lunch with a cup of tea. ) However, I like atmosphere of the shop. I always can relax. When I choose some restaurants or cafes, atmosphere in the cafes or attitude of waitresses or waiters is very important for me. There is another reason to go Afternoon Tea. Now there are a lot of coffee shops like Starbucks in town. However, there are a few shops to drink English tea. Of course, I love coffee, however, sometimes I want to drink tea.

You can eat attractive sweets there. If you visit Tokyo, I recommend to go. You will relax and spend peaceful teatime.

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