Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fair Skin

We consider that fair skin is better for women in Japan. Fair skin is a word for praise. We have a proverb about fair skin. It is " Fair skin can conceal seven faults." When we praise beautiful skin of women, we can say that your skin is like be transparent or silk.
Japanese skin is very fine and delicate. Now women take care of their skin especially to whiten and protect skin from sunshine and ultraviolet rays. Sunburn is the most fearful matter for Japanese women. Also sunburning much is a cause for skin cancer. We recognise ultraviolet rays are so strong not only in summer but all of season. I put sun block foundation on my face all the time.
In summer a lot of women bring an umbrella for shutting out ultraviolet rays and hot heat. There is sun block or cosmetics to protect our skin. Reflected heat or light from the asphalted pavement is very strong in town. Most women are so nerves for fair skin.
On the other hand, Japanese women prefer Japanese men who have brown and sunburned skin. Because women prefer sportsman, not indoor type.
Anyway, Japanese women always take care of our ski to whiten.

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Anonymous said...

thats pretty interesting, i always heard that fair skin was considered beautiful in Japan but i guess it was true. im surprised that Japanese women prefer tanned/browned men, i figured it'd be fair skin as well.