Saturday, June 7, 2008

After School

Japanese movies become interesting in recent days. Japanese movie fans have liked to see especially Hollywood movies in movie theater until now. Because the story is very atractive and famous Hollywood stars appear in these movies. Many Hollywood movies as entertainment have released in Japan and very popular. It might be admiration for American culture. Actually I have seen a lot of Hollywood movies to go to theater.

However, a lot of people, including I, see Japanese movies in movie theater now. These movies have originality and the story is interesting now. Japanese horror movies were exported to Hollywood or other movies were remade. Recent blockbuster movie in Japan is Japanese movies, "Aibou". A lot of young Japanese directors make a film and these films are creative.

"After School " is Japanese movie title. I thought that I wanted it in the movie theater. The story and plot are excellent and complex. Performance of all casts is good. We can enjoy it as a entertainment. I am so happy to see good Japanese films.

This is a review for "After School".

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