Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Japan totally has a lot of rain. Rainy season begun yesterday around Kanto area. If you live in Japan, it is essential to have umbrella in rainy day. From June to the end of July is usually rainy season in Japan. We call it “Tsuyu”. Tsuyu is very humid. I think almost Japanese don’t like rainy season. It is especially horrible in commuter trains or buses during rainy season.
And a lot of typhoons hit Japan end of July. They bring big disasters every year. I have heard that Japanese consumption of umbrellas is No.1 in the world. We often have folding umbrella. They are very light and small. It is convenient to put it in our bag. And we can buy simple and cheap vinyl umbrella at convenience stores or pharmacies now. These vinyl umbrellas have been broken by strong wind and thrown away after storm. A lot of vinyl umbrellas have changed to wastes on the streets. And umbrellas are one of things that people frequently leave in the bus or train after rain.
When we look down the street from the heights at the building, colorful umbrellas look like beautiful flowers.


Unknown said...

So typhoon is common in Japan? Like you'll have typhoon every year? I would say i was lucky there were no typhoon when i was in Japan (end July till early August) years back.

Sweet Memory said...

Typhoon is common every year in Japan. Some typhoons came to Kyushu area this year. When a typhoon comes to Tokyo in the morning and evening, commune trains stop and a lot of people is always in panic.
Just now, the end of july to August is typhoon season. You were lucky not to experience Typhoon trouble in Japan.