Saturday, June 11, 2011

Makoto 誠 - Sincerity

There is a or some meaning for Chinese Character. 誠 (Makoto) means sincerity, honesty or seriousness. I like this character. I think shape is good. 

Now a book is sold well and reputable in Japan. Author is a football player, Makoto Hasebe  長谷部 誠 and he is a captain of national football team. Now he plays in VfL Wolfsburg of Germany. Football is more popular in Japan after 2010 FIFA World Cup and most of Japanese know about him. his sincere comment after national team was beaten by PK was impressive for me. 

I bought and read his book. He wrote about his philosophy, habit or private life. His personality is sincere and earnest like his name. "Seijitu" 誠実 means sincerity and I like this word. There is a Japanese proverb "Na wa Tai wo Arawasu" 名は体をあらわす. The name expresses the character or substance. He is just like this proverb. 

Sincerity is virtue for human being. "Seijitsu" is important for especially our society and sincere person is confided in our life. Sometimes it is unfavorable to be too earnest, however, I want to be sincere. 
The royalty on this book is used as donation for victims of this earthquake.


dtedac said...

Sweet Memory,
I once saw some episodes of the NHK taiga dorama Shinsengumi! I think that the flag that they used had makoto on it. I think this has the same sentiment as you are describing. It is great. Sincerity is much better than being false or hypocritical. Thank you for your comments.

S said...

very interesting book! unfortunately myJapanese is not good enough to read it in the original language :( I shall wait for English or Italian translation

Sweet Memory said...

Hi, David

Thank you for your comment !

Yes, this 誠 on the flag expressed loyal sentiment 忠誠心 of samurai of Shinsengumi 新撰組. I'm surprised you know about Shinsengumi!

I apppreciate that you enjoy my blog.

Sweet Memory said...

Hello, Ms.S

Do you learn Japanese ? It is better to read Japanese. But I hope this book translates to English or Italian.

Some football players play in Serie a, Italy. It is so happy thing for Japanese. Ikuto Nagatomo who play in Intel, is a member of national team in Japan and he becomes so popular now. Also the manager of national team is Italian, Zaccheroni.

S said...

Dear Sweet Memory
I know about Magatomo here at Inter, which is one of the two football teams of Milan city, where I live :)

Yeah, our Zaccheroni is in Japan! He says he anjoys a lot! Waaaaaaaaa I would be sosososo happy to live in Japan too *____*

Yes I study Japanese but I am not able to read a full book in Japanese - at least, not in little time and without a dictionary :(

Kaori said...

Dear Sweet Memory,

I found you blog today, when I googled for the meaning of okaeri. I like your blog very much, I am glad that I found it. I am from India. I live in Tokyo now. I love Japan and her culture. I will read your blogs to know more about Japan. I am trying to learn to speak Japanese. I watch a lot of movies from Please continue to tell us about Japan,


Sweet Memory said...

Hello, Ms Kaori.
(It's like Japanese female name.)

I'm glad to know that my blog is useful for other countries people.
When you have some questions about Japanese culture and life in Japan, please write your questions on this blog.
I will answer it.

Thank you!