Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Judicial System (裁判員制度)

New judicial system begun. The first lay judge trial yesterday was a big news.

This system has been a recent topic in our daily life. How do I feel if I would selected as one of the judge ? Some simulated TV program were produced as drama and I have seen it. A lot of anxiety comes in my mind. I wondered if it is possible for us who don't learn the law specially to decide the defendant's life. Almost my friends said that they were reluctant to become a judge. And they feel anxious about it.
Also there are some daily problems. In case of a normal office worker, is it possible to rest for a few days ?
I haven't heard real trial until now. I have thought it was the world in films or TV. I or other people understand we must participate justice. However, I think that they, including me, just get confused about this new system at this point.

I have ever seen an old American movie, "12 Angry men" and I like it. It is important if we could decide fair judgement as a man in the movie.


dtedac said...


I think that this is an interesting idea, but it might be a better idea to start with more than one judge at a trial. In the US, upper level courts always have more than one judge. Maybe there would be less pressure on the lay judge.


dtedac said...

I have a interesting suggestion about the use of lay judges. I think this is a job for Mito Koumon. He could have Kaku-san and Suke-san show the inrou and say, "Do you know who this is?" It works every time! (hee hee)


Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your interesting suggestion.

New Mito Koumon series begun on TV again from this month. It is really popular.