Sunday, August 16, 2009

Goldfish Scooping 金魚すくい

It has been so hot in recent days in Japan. A lot of people who live in Tokyo have their hometown. Last week is the period (Obon in August) for going back to their hometown to go to grave of their ancestor. (Yesterday, August 15 in Japan, is the memorial day of the end of World War 2.)
A lot of dance festivals (盆踊り) are held at night in Bon week. We enjoy some attractions in these festivals. Goldfish scooping is one of very interesting for us. Goldfish (金魚) is typical animal for summer and it makes us cool down our body a little bit. It is sometimes drawn as traditional design.

When I was a child, goldfish scooping was my favorite attraction in summer festival. Goldfishes that we catch swim in bag with water were so cute. This is my good memory for summer.

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