Saturday, January 21, 2012

女子会 Joshikai and 草食系男子 soushokukei

We recently say or hear the word, "joshikai" 女子会. This means to gather with only women and have a party, lunch or dinner. "joshi" 女子 means female and "danshi" 男子 means male.

Joshikai is very fun for women. We can talk anything without feeling constraint. We especially say the talk in Joshikai "Girl's talk". (Is there the word in English?) There are a lot of talks that can't talk in front of men, or boyfriend. And women love chat and eating. "Joshikai" is one of relaxing.         
Japanese women become more powerful than men. Nadeshiko Japan, women national football team, representative last year. Homare Sawa, the team captain of Nadeshiko and became popular, was awarded FIFA Women's World Player of the Year.
We are proud to hear this news. 

On the other hand, Japanese men, especially young boys tend to become passive and shy. Soushokukei danshi 草食系男子 is new Japanese word. Some young men don't use a lot of money. They don't want to buy car, go to a trip abroad, have a dinner at exclusive restaurant for a date with girlfriend.... Depression or social background might be one of reasons for these tendency. 
It was good thing that in case of a couple, a woman walk behind a man a few decades ago. It was said in Japan that woman must be reserved and obedient. However, the initiative for our relationship between men and women might be changed.

Anyway, Japanese women become cool and attractive now.  


yanub said...

In English, we say "girl talk," so it is the exact same thing! A women-only gathering is sometimes called a "hen party" (hen is female chicken), but that is old-fashioned. More often now, it is "girls' night out," just as men have "boys' night out."

I think Japanese women have always been strong. It is good that you also now are finding power.

Sweet Memory said...

I'm sorry for responding late. I caught a cold this week and I have been in bed for few days.

Thank you for your comment and information! I knew English Joshikai. I'm glad to know "girls' night out" and "boys' night out".
Thank you !

It has been cold in recent days Please take care of yourself!

S said...

yeah! girl power!
I & my (girl) friends usually call it "sex-and-the-city night out", to mean a four girl night out, coming from the famous american tv series! :)

I am glad that Japanese women start to be less shy and obedient. Women are the real strength of a nation.

anyhow I have been knowing quite a lot of Japanese people in my life, both men and women. I have to say that men and boys in general are much much more shy than girls. Maybe they were shy only woth me, since I am a girl myself. Maybe they don't feel relaxed with a girl.

Sweet Memory said...

Hi, Ms.S!
Thank you for your comment!

Can your friends speak English frequently?
We tend to think we aren't good at speaking English. So you might feel they are so shy. However, recent Japanese boys are shy...

KeyC said...

As a boy I can say that I'm very shy too, but have a lot of friends(girls) who aren't. But most are very confident about themselves and they just think "What bad could happen".

And I don't think that Japanese become cool and attractive, I think they are already like that!

Anonymous said...

Today JOSHI and JOSHIKAI were the topics in the COOL JAPAN Show on NHK Word TV - very interesting!

I learned that women of all ages can be joshi - and if you are joshi, you are no lady because joshi have more freedom than ladies.

The joshikai shown on the programme though basically dealt with men and fashion, doesn't sound too emancipated to me! ;-)

Would you agree?



Ricky said...

hello, Stefanie!

Yes, I agree with you. We mainly chat about men, fashion and movie. And we can talk about various things without feeling constraint. It is so fun !