Monday, September 20, 2010

Sanma (さんま・秋刀魚)

It becomes recently cooler in morning and night. Wind is different from summer one. I can feel the beginning of autumn.

We feel change of season for food. Sanma is pacific saury (mackerel pike) and typical fish in autumn for Japanese. The shape of sanma is thin and like a sword. In Japanese character "Kanji" 漢字 , we write as 秋刀魚.   *秋 (autumn) 刀 (sword) 魚 (fish)

We like salted and grilled sanma. We will eat definitely grilled sanma once in autumn. When we grill it, smoke and smell are appetizing. The gut of sanma is very bitter, however, the bitterness is tasty for people who love grilled sanma. I can eat it, but I don't like so much. Since price of sanma is reasonable and cook easily, everyone can enjoy eating many times. The catch of sanma decreases this year as a recent news report. The price will be expensive.

Food is very necessary to find new season for us. There are a lot of delicious autumn foods in Japan.


cuteandcurls said...

hello there
I came across your blog through google search, I hope you dont mind me visiting your blog from time to time as I like to know more about Japanese culture and traditions ^_^

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your message.
I'm happy you have an interest about our culture.
I hope you enjoy my blog!

cuteandcurls said...

You are much welcome ^_^, yes I am very much interested in your culture and traditions let alone history. So I look forward to read more on your blog too. You see when I was young I grew up with Japanese influence at home, thanks to my father who went to your beautiful country for 1 1/2 years ..he brought home many beautiful things. Aside from that he worked closely with the Japanese people based in my country. My father loved listening to old Japanese songs too so yes thats alot of Japanese factors influencing me during those days. Both my father and sister speaks fluent Japanese.

cuteandcurls said...

By the way with grilled sanma do you eat it as it is or do you have a dip for it to give it more flavour? When we grill our fish like mackerel, i like to make a dip made of it lime juice, sliced shallots and chilli ..its yummy with a hint of sourness .my mom adds black soy sauce and sugar.

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for you many comments! I'm glad to hear your familly like Japanese culture.
And your father has stayed and introduced your family to Japanese things. becides he and your sister can speak Japanese! I think that it is difficult for other countries people to learn Japanese.

Generally we eat sanma with grinded Japanese raddish, Daikon Oroshi 大根おろし,as you know. However your advise to dip sour sauce sounds yammy. I try.

Unknown said...

First thing came to my mind when i first read your post title is sanma san!!hahaha.. He is sooo famous right? I first watched him in himitsu no arashi chan. From there i knew he is famous and so funny! In just one show i already like him.

Sweet Memory said...

Yes, he is one of famous comedians and he has some TV programs as MC. So popular in Japan. He speaks kansai ben (dialect).