Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Toilet" & "Colorful"

I want to introduce two Japanese films. One is "Toilet" and another is "Colorful". Both of them is a story about family and family ties.

I saw a Japanese film "Toilet" today. This is a film that a director "Naoko Ogigame" made recently. I like her movies. "Toilet" is a story of a three siblings and Japanese grandmother, "Baachan". Baachan ばあちゃん means grandmother in Japanese. Three siblings are Americans whose mother is Japanese woman. Baachan can't speak English, however, they live with her after their mother was dead. Older brother is Hikikomori. Hikikomori means person who lives at home whole a day, he can't establish relations with other people and can't go out. Younger brother is Otaku. Otaku means person who loves animation, comic books "Manga" or figures of animation's character. Situation of this film is very interesting and Toilet is a key of this film.
It is heart-warming story. Some classical musics in the film is so nice. If you are interested with Naoko Ogigami, I recommend to see "Kamome Shokudo."かもめ食堂” It is one of my favorite Japanese films.

I don't have a interest of animation film. However, "Colorful" is a animation film that I thought to want to see at theater. I have read the original novel of this film. I like it. It is not fantasy animation for kids. However, I think it is good for young people or adults who have some troubles with family to see. I like the image of this film. It is so exquisite.


cuteandcurls said...

Interesting movies to watch. There are a few Japanese movies I'd like to watch one day but I need to find it with english subtitles ^_^ I am what you might call an Otaku ^_^ as I love animations very much despite my age

Sweet Memory said...

I think Japanese films recently are interesing. Lines of this "Toilet" are all English. No need English subtitle... So you can enjoy it.

Many Japanese adults like to read manga or watch animation. Some animations are not for children. stories are serious or they are interesting for adults.

cuteandcurls said...

I remember the 1st Japanese film I ever watched that had English subtitle was a Samurai movie, an old one and I was prolly 10 or was it 9 years old ..yep a bit gory with all the killing but I was seeing beyond all that ..I was looking at the costumes and all :) (That was my dad who showed us those movies) then I watched my 1st J-drama called Oshin I was still a little girl watching that. You are right some animations are adult related matters. I must say your English is very good!

Sweet Memory said...

Hi! Are they samirai movies of Akira Kurosawa? Certainly scenes of killing people by sword are cruel. As you say costumes(especially women's Kimono)are beautiful. If you watched Oshin, you can watch NHK? Costumes in dramas of NHK are so beautiful.

And thank you for your comment about my English. Sometimes I'm worry if everyone understand my English expressions.
I'm so glad!!

cuteandcurls said...

It must be Akira Kurosawa's movies I've got a few of his which I need to watch :-D Ive even bought some for my father who was overjoyed that I got some for them hehe. Yes the kimonos are so beautiful and I just love how wearing them is like a ritual where each item needs to be put on correctly. We do have NHK here but its all in Japanese and again no subtitle :-( only my dad and my younger sister watches it :-) but when Im at my parents I do watch it with my dad explaining to me hehehe

You're much welcome and its an honest compliment because I really do think your English is well written and understood :-) Keep it up! I look forward to your next blog :)