Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Healing Voice

Beautiful voice and sound often can heal and encourage us. The feeling depends on each person. I think everyone have some favorite voices. 

In my case I love voice of a vocalist of Spitz, is very famous rock band. There are my favorite songs of them, however, I especially love their song "Kaede" 楓. It is sad love song. Kaede means maple tree in Japanese. I think his voice is soft and has special wavelength. I am always fasinated by it and feel confortable. His voice is just my healing voice.


cuteandcurls said...

Thats a lovely song, his voice is very soothing to hear. I wonder if he also sang a song for an anime series.

Sweet Memory said...

I'm sorry that I don't know about recent animes, but do you know "Hachimitsu to Clover" ?

I haven't never seen it. However, I cheked. Hachimitsu means Honey. "Hachimitsu" in the title comes from an album title of Spitz. It is writen some Spitz songs were inserted in TV animation series.

Anonymous said...

Honey and Clover, yes I have watched that anime many a times, one of my favorites too :) Thats what I thought when I heard his voice, it reminded me of one of the songs on Hachimitsu to Clover.

Diana said...

Sweet Memory,
You write very nice posts. I wonder if I can use your picture of a shochu omimai from 2008 in a newsletter. Americans would find it interesting!
Thank you.

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your message! I just received a shochu omimai postcard from my friend today. I'm glad to reading the card.
I'm happy you are interested in my blog and Japanese culture.
I'm worry that everyone understands my English. So I'm glad to receive messages.
Thank you so much!