Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soyokaze 微風

Today is sunny day. May in Japan is so calm and fresh. We cam feel lively breeze. So I love this period. However, this fresh season is very short every year. June in Japan is so humid and uncomfortable. Rainy season will come soon.  

Soyokaze 微風 in Japanese means breeze. I like this sound. And I like to watch flowers or green leaves are trembling by soyokaze. Also it is so nice that clothes after washing are shaking under the sun. I feel happy.

I remembered about wind. I watched a documentary in TV about Hayao Miyazaki's work. He said wind or breeze was so effective item and a key of story in his film. For example, when a character makes a serious decision, it winds definitely. Certainly when something happens or change in our daily life, we might feel wind or breeze.

I wish soyokaze brings to happier things and hope in our future.        

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