Sunday, May 29, 2011


I think everyone have wanted to go back to the past once. It might be regret for our choice or attitude at that time. And we sometimes imagine that the fact might change if the accident or event didn't happen. 

I watch a TV drama every Sunday now. The title is "JIN". The story is originally manga. I didn't know it before I watch the drama. But the drama was so popular two years ago in Japan. The series this year is second. A brain surgery goes back to the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate (Bakumatsu 幕末). JIN is his name. The story is fiction, however, some historical persons appear in the drama. Ryoma Sakamoto, who is popular among us, is one of them. 

It is interesting and the scenes of operation in this drama seems to be real. The actor of protagonist, Takao Osawa is popular among Japanese women and the actress of heroine, Haruka Ayase is cute and remarkable.

I read news that this drama will be on air in 80 other countries. You might be able to enjoy it in your country. Also I think that it is better to watch after knowing the history of Bakumatsu.


S said...

waaa, omoshiroi! *____*

Anonymous said...

I hope JIN will be aired over here, sounds like a very interesting drama to watch! I like watching periodic dramas or movies.