Saturday, May 7, 2011

What is Convenience ?

I read a topic in today's newspaper. Prime minister, Naoto Kan requested Chubu power company to stop all power plants in Hamaoka, Shizuoka prefecture.

Our life have changed after this earthquake. I can say that our consciousness for our convenient life has changed. Actually when we knew that electricity might stop, we were confused and in a kind of panic. We bought up a lot of things in supermarket. The atmosphere was so strange. We recognized a fear of radioactivity. However, everyone got calm, stopped a corner and try to save electricity. It is same thing that our life gets inconvenient. Convenient was normal for us. 

Illumination in Town, all of public space or buildings get darker. Some escalators and elevators in stations, office or supermarket stop. We put out a useless light at home or in office. I have to go up and down the steps to seventh floor in my office. At first, I was tired and got out of breath especially in the morning. However I think it is good for my body.  We might forget a simple thing under the convenience. It is a walk, run, exercise and use our body.

Inconvenience was negative word until now. However, I think it will get positive word and usual for us in future. It might be time that we have to change our sense of value for our life style.

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